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The Guy in the Sky


420. To most normal people this means the one day in the world when you can put aside everything to smoke pot. For everyone else it is just another day on campus. It all started when my big brother told me that he got shrooms for the night and that i was in for the ride of my life. I toke his word and grabbed my graffiti that i made in high school and it was fuckin amazing. i ate a cut about midnight or so and didnt know what to expect at first. i kept asking people 'what do i feel when it hits me?' the only response i got was jsut wait for it. well those fuckers hit me soo hard....probably amplified by the 17 g blunt we were smoking but that is beside the point.
@ 1:00 am
it started with just the colors and then went to visuals. i grabbed a glass table top and just put it on my face and i looked through that for awhile. all of a sudden i thought i was in world war two and the house was a bunker in england. i was hiding under covers and freaking people out. my bro grabbed me and said sit and watch this and then tell me what you think. i must have watched the computer for hours. THAT GOD DAMN MILKMAN KILLED EVERYONE!!! THEN PROCEEDED TO FUCK THEM.
@2:00 am
my night then drastically changed when i went on a blunt ride. getting back to my graffiti there was a picture of goku that kinda looked like he was in the clouds. i watched the clouds on the blunt ride and a dragon told me the story of how the world was created. in the beginning there were two worlds that moved in sync with eachother. but then they colided and created the one earth. the moon was created with all the ash and left over matter. when i got back i told everyone about what i had seen....THE GUY IN THE SKY!
@ 2:30 am
i wanted to talk to the dragon more so i laid out on the lawn talkin to him for awhile while he explained the meaning of life....but i quickly lost intrest when i saw that the tree next door looked like it was frozen. i knew that it wasnt but then i thought i was frozen to the ground. i couldnt move and then i thought remembered that i was shrooming and i got up and walked inside perfectly thawed.
@ 3:00 am
when i got back in the house it turned into a bomb shelter once again. so i locked myself in the bathroom, lights off, and relaxing in the bath tub. empty of course. i got up and looked at myself in the mirror for a moment of clairity but that did not come when i morphed into the black knight. i just stood there focused on making myself the baddest mo-fo out there. i was stacked up with black armor and golden accents. when a battle of epic proportions began behind me, including dragons, it was too much for me and i left.
@ 3:30 am
when i left the bathroom i still thought i was in midevel times. i had just watched lord of the rings the other day so i still had some of that in me. i ran up the stairs to greet everyone that was tripping. but i threw a little twist in it. i pretended that i was gollum and i was hopping around the room and freakin everyone out. i quickly left when i realized what i was doing and retreated to my bed for some solitude

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