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first time under psilocybin

Dosage - 1.

Dosage - 1.7g dried mushrooms
Time dosed - around 10:00pm

its the night before the very first day of school. I am at my friends house with a couple other people just sitting around not doin very much. Another one of my friends stops by with 1/2oz of mushrooms. Excited to try mushrooms (first time tripping) I did not hesitate and ought a 1/2 8th of mushrooms. I went home, waited for the rents to go to sleep, and munched on my mush in the living room. I wasn't nervous or anxious about the trip at all. I was watching tv not really expecting to trip that hard. at about 10:40 i started to feel really high, like a weed high but not quite, as i was looking at this house plant i noticed it started to breathe and move around! i looked at the tv and it looked SO real. As i was watching tv (whos liine is it anyway?) i began to realize that nothing they were saying or doing made any sense whatsoever to me. i started to giggle at this. i decided to take my trip else where and began wandering around my house. At this point time is beggining to become weird. what would feel like an hour or 2 only came out to be 20-30 minutes, weird...Also as i was walking into different rooms of my house they seemed to be different somehow, everything looked the same, just something was different about it. I was never able to determin what that was but it didnt really affect me and i found it to be quit mind boggling and kind of cool. Also i started thinking about anything and everything. I was looking at a dollar bill and thinking "What the fuck is this? a piece of paper, yet this is what controlls my life and everyone elses, its just fucking paper!" also i began to think of things that i never owuld have before, but seemed so obvious while tripping. i remeber looking at the clock and seeing it was 3:00a.m. knowing that we had school the next day i decided to end my trip and go to sleep. WRONG! when i closed my eyes all i could see were my thoughts and weird things i cant even remember. i remember waking up at 6, or did i even fall asleep? that i do not know but i know i had a great trip that i can not even describe in words but i know i have found a new drug that i love. I am currently growing mushrooms and it is quit fun. I think that everyone should trip atleast once, just to open the mind. thanks for reading and have a nice trip!

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