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The Glory of Mushrooms

Me and two of my friends bought a half ounce of dried cubensis to share between us.

Me and two of my friends bought a half ounce of dried cubensis to share between us. We ate our mushrooms at about 11. I had 4.6 grams. At about 11:15 they started to creap up on me. A slight tingling feeling rushing throughout my body. After a good half hour i was well into it. The walls and ceiling were in constant motion and there were patterns on texturesd surfaces. As i sit in a big comfy chair, i close my eyes and venture into my mind. My mind was racing through so many thoughts that it was hard to vocalize what i was thinking. All while this was going on, i was experiencing intense visualizations with my eyes closed. crazy patterns, places, landscapes. I couldnt decide if i was enjoying the trip untill i came out of my own head and was finaly able to vocalize with my friends. This is where the real fun is in mushrooms. Just sitting around and having intense conversations about ideas, opinions, and the world with my best friends was one of the best experiences i have ever had. That is when we all realized that the real glory of mushrooms is about how fucked up it makes you see things visualy, but how it makes you feel and think. It opens your mind up to so many things that it is mystifying. But one of the things that i find most interesting about mushrooms is the feeling of recognition that i get, like that i have always felt like this and its the ways it always has been and always will be. And that there is the true Glory of Mushrooms.

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