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the forest trip of a life time

MY name is Lorne I am 18 years old and i live in Vancouver BC.

MY name is Lorne I am 18 years old and i live in Vancouver BC. I decided to do shrooms with My buddy about 2 months ago. Every once in a while(about 2-3months) i get this huge craving for something very intense or different. I am a seasoned vet of the marijuana. And i have done shrooms before so i decided it was a good one to try again. The last time i did it i was on the a very secluded beach in tofino BC(west coast of Vancouver island). I made tea that time. This time we chose to split 10 grams and i took the Way bigger half of about 6.5 - 7 grams. I was lying in my room when it first started coming on. it was very cool looking at my carpet very cool. at this time it was about 7 pm and it was dark cuz it as January. We decided to go and walk in the forest. When i walked in the first few steps was like going into warp speed. Trees started to move. and everything was alive. we found a open place to sit and smoke a j. Right after i smoked the joint i was peaking like mad. My right foot was underground up to my knee. My other shoe had walked away. And there where 100 foot tall trees dancing around. Also the silhouette of the trees where "saw blades of colour" spinning around. After i saw all this i realized that i might have taken a bit to much shrooms. Then i went back to My house and picked up my pocket bike. That was very crazy. I probably shouldn't have done that. Cuz the cops started to chase us. But the good thing about a pocket bike is that u can pick it up and run through trails
and that was what saved us. It was all in all a good trip though. I did get paranoid a bit once i started to come down.

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