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The Field of the giant mushroom

Having tripped before I always go into it expecting anything and everything, knowing that a bad trip is possible i try not to think about it because to start off,Fear is the Mind Killer.

Having tripped before I always go into it expecting anything and everything, knowing that a bad trip is possible i try not to think about it because to start off,Fear is the Mind Killer. So me and a couple of my friends ate about 5 grams each at the begininng of some pretty good boomers, I ate them earlier because the others were busy rollin up a blunt. Once they returned from their task, about 20 min, I began to experience strange visions in the smoke. This was the start of it, I was surprised at the quickness it came on. I soon had a tingling feeling all over my body and the next thing i knew iw as staring straight up at the sky and hearing distant music in the back of my head. The other three were observing me because they ahdnt yet begun to trip, and were interested in what i was seeing and going through. The sky was clear that night with the ocassional passing cloud. The more id look at the sky the more it felt like it looked back at me, this may sound strange but it was growing. My eyes were fixated on the sky. With every moment i looked at it more, and the clouds were moving where i wanted them to go, wind didnt matter it was me who was controlling them. Soon Colors began bursting out from the clouds and next thing i knew i saw thousands of mathematical equations floating bye in the air like x=y and so on. I was freaked out by this so i decided to close my eyes, and then in the darkness of eye closure i was on a highway moving incredibly fast with gigantic mountainous ice cream sunday things with tons of colors everywhere. I soon opened my eyes because to me that was insanity. COmpletely unaware to my strange actions i opened my eyes to see three people just watching me and laughing. What seemed like an hour was only 1 minute and my friends had jsut been watching me and laughing. Soon after they started to trip and all of them agreed that the sky was very interesting and totally consuming for our eyes. Once i was tired of staring at the sky i decided to reach into my pocket for the first time because it felt like something was intensely assaulting my thigh. Soon I looked down to see this strange and completely alien lifeform type thing on the end of my arm, it was my hand but didnt look like it at all. I was completely terified by it and looking at my friends all of their hands looked like it too. They ahd no texture and were grey as all hell looking, nothing like a normal hand, seeing these scared the shit of me and then the biting came back into my thigh, and i freaked out and stood up yelling about somethinga ttacking me. They began laughing because what i thought was a killer serpent turned out to be a key chain in my pocket(which i proceeded ti throw across the yard). Once noticing my fault we all laughed for a good 5 minutes and i retrieved my keys. Walking over to get the keys was the first time i had stoood up, and my god i felt like i wasn't moving but everythigna round my was moving at an incredible rate, even though it was dark out i could see everything clearly due to the full moon which was really cool. Looking at the ground it felt like i was walking over thousandes of dying white and black monkey things, then these quickly turned into a tiny city whcich resembles a gigantic train set spanning my entire lawn, and iw as a giant crushing everything in my path(it was quite fun i must say). After getting my keys and returning from my godzilla stage i began to become very talkative, infact i felt like a comedian because anything i said was really funny, and so we all just laughed for about an hour at each other and at other stuff. Soon after that we decided to take a walk in my front field, there we encountered strange and very intersting things. In the Field there were mushrooms growing, gigantic bulbous mushrooms which were the size of catelopes. This totally played games with my head because i thought they were fake because they were growing at an incredible rate, i could actually see them getting larger and larger. By now i was running around the field inspecting each of these i found, there was about a undred of them, my friend wondered what i was doing. He came over to investigate, and he says i turned at him and gave him an insane look and frankly said, "Mushrooms everywhere, these things are huge". He laughed at me and i felt quite offended for some reason so i decided to prove my unaquivical notion that i was here to find the largest mushroom, with my friend watching my i spotted the mother of all the mushrooms in the field about the size of a watermelon. I quickly dashed over to it yelling out loud in a complete loss of controll and plucked it from with a care i could not understand and turned at my friend and shouted"IT A FRIGGEN MONSTER AHAHAHAHAA" then my friend started to run away so i chased him with it and then proceeded to throw it at him in a fit of madness. It narrowly missed him and hit the ground bursting into a thousand colors. I laughed and regained controll of myself. After that he told me all that had happenned and we laughed a while about it because i had never been so consumed by anything before. With the mushrooms still in order we decided to pick them all, or all we couls find and sacrifice them to the fire we had going. We also had chairs set up for the mushrooms we felt deserved the right to sit in them. I was quite comical because we all were sitting along the fire with two mushrooms, each in their own chair. I finally had to take a mean piss and instinctively went over to a bush to take a piss. Upon arriving at the bush I suddenly felt an urgency to get away and soon reali9zed that the bush was angry at my and very pissed off, infact it tried to eat me and pull me into it, (maybe it knew my motives of pissing on it). I screamed a loud scream and ran back to the safety of the fire. As the night went on we all sat around the fire observing one another having a grand old time and laughing incessantly.

All in all this was the greatest trip i have ever had its fun rivals most anything i have done. The whole atmosphere of the thing was fun and filed with many more interesting events i can only hold in my memory and are not fit for these few places io have to write in.

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