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The fairy in me

I was honoured to have my first trip last Thursday night shared with my husband, and a friend.

I was honoured to have my first trip last Thursday night shared with my husband, and a friend. I had no preconceptions/expectations, having tried mushrooms in Amsterdam recently which gave me little effect I drank my tea and waited .... patiently. I realised after 40 minutes that when I closed my eyes there were strong patterns. Then I began to laugh and as I loosened up I saw the world in a very different light. 3D, everything was 3D, the pictures on the wall, the furniture, even the dirty crockery had more depth, vibrancy and texture. I was compelled to look in the garden and even though I was frightened I kneeled on the wet grass next to my dog and watched. Every bush and tree had a unique character, personality and evoked different emotions in me. My sense of hearing improved dramatically, my garden was alive with slowly moving characters and sounds. I became aware, without concern, that I had regressed to a child-like behaviour, almost pixie like, with incredible excitement, enthusiasm and belief. My insights were profound, I was reminded how I am able to communicate with 'other' energies once I relax and channel in to these sources. I felt a prescence continuously behind me, and though I looked frequently and checked the mirror, I never saw anything, yet heard much whispering. I am a musician and was amazed how little I focused on the music playing, I was more intrigued visually and by the voices. I sat mesmerised for hours staring into the garden and my home fascinated that I had had no concept of anything looking this way. When I closed my eyes towards the end of the trip my head was full of sensual art, bodies entwined, classical features and curves. When I realised I was coming down and things started to look a bit gray, I felt incredible sadness and realised it would be impossible for me to see the world in my normal way again. I was told that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice on fly ageric, the mushrooms I took made the story seem very feasible and when I am fortunate enough to try it, no doubt I will write my novel.

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