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The Explorer

This was my first ever time on shrooms, having just grown a batch with the PF TEK method.

This was my first ever time on shrooms, having just grown a batch with the PF TEK method.

I don't know how many in grammes I ate, but I know I had 4 medium sized ones, fresh, heads about the diameter of a penney and about 2 inches long. I shoved them in my mouth one at a time and drank orange juice at the same time.

I ate them at abotu 7:00 PM and they started to kick in at about 7:45. I was on the computer with my brother chatting on line to a celebrity chef. I started shouting descriptions of him at the top of voice, stuff like "Foul demon seed"
and "Pus filled globule". All very concise. I tried to stand up but was very dizzy, and fell to the floor. I then got up
and ran up and down the stairs several times, jumping around and shouting. My brother an after me, and asked what was wrong. I told I'd eaten some mushrooms, and he didn't believe me. Everything he said seemed to be funny, and I
laughed and repeated everything.

He started hitting me, and I just laughed. He then said he wanted some, but I lied about getting them off a bloke. He still didn't believe me, but we looked in the mirror and my pupils were like massive, nearly all black. He then did believe me, and continued to press me for some. I was swapping personalities every minute, being this very posh bloke, then a sort of camp one, and others. At this point it was late, but I wasn't tired, and my brother wanted to go to bed. I was continually babbling, so he started to flash bike lights in my eyes.

I was facinated with these, and kept them and went up to my room. I went into the attic, and shut the door, getting pure darkness. I shut my eyes and began to shine them into my eyes. They left massive trails, especially the red one, and I did this for about 1/2 hour. I realised how good these would be at parties, so I went downstairs and woke my brother up to tell him. He basically said go away, so after 10 mins of babbling I did.

Then things started to get not so good. It had been a good, euphoric feeling before but now I started to go a bit mad.
I lay down on the floor and started to talking to myself.
I was talking in this strange voice, and I thought I was an explorer. If you've ver seen the film 'Jumanji', I was the hunter from that. I took a blank excersise book and started scribbling notes down into it. I was narrating to myself. I wrote letters to my friends, explaining that I was not Jack but an explorer. I did about 5 pages, before stopping and talking to myself for about 1/2 an hour.

I then suddenly realised what had happened. The shrooms opened a gateway to my body. My body was simply a host, and empty shell, and souls swapped between them. The shrooms simply let this happen. I had to write this down, and scribbled another 7 or so sides with letters, diagrams and notes explaining to my friends what was happening. It was so real; I had NO grasp that I was in a fantasy. To me, I was that explorer. I then told myself stories until about 11:00
PM, like how I was from a weird planet light years away and how I had once been captured by Zulus and nearly eaten.

I then started to cry, because I thought that I had ruined Jacks life forever. I thought that I had wrecked my mind, and Jack would never be the same, knewing what he knew. I wanted to tear up the book and burn it, so Jack wouldn't remember. That was truly intense.

At that point my parents came home, and my brother ran up to see what I was like. He saw I was in a state, so pushed me into my bed and told me to shut up before I gave the game away. As soon as he left I jumped out, and fell to the floor again.

My mum called to see if I was alright, and I managed to change from my explorer voice back to 'Jacks' voice OK. I kept repaeting everything she said, but she thought I was taking the piss and told me to be quiet.

I then wondered down the stairs to see my Dad. Even though I was completly out of it, I wanted to talk to him. I asked him about the concert he had just played in, but I put in some weird words like 'concerto' and 'fandabbydozy'. He asked if I was feeling alright, and why I was carrying a pair of soaking wet bike lights (I had been putting them in my mouth for the last hour). I just explained I was testing them. It was late so he just wondered off contemplating whether to ring the hospital I guess.

At about 12:00 I finally jumped into bed, but lay awake seeing intense patterns in my head when I shut my eyes. It was like a battle between my Explorer ego and the real Jack. After about half and hour I gradually became sane again, realising slowly that the explorer was going and Jack was returing. I got to sleep about 1:00 AM.

Woke up in the moring feeling like shit. I was still debating in my head whether the empty soul thing was real. My pupils were different sizes and I thought I'd ruined my eyes forever. I watched the TV for 5 mins and it cured it though. I looked at the book and it was barely readable, just loads of squiggles and messy drawings.

Even now I still wonder whether what I was thinking was true. I hope that my first experince of shrooms hasn't affected me forever.

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