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First time tripping in my room by myself :-D

Friday night April 5th 2003 was my first time tripping on mushrooms.

Friday night April 5th 2003 was my first time tripping on mushrooms. Despite the size of my mushrooms they packed a huge punch. I ate my entire bag of shrooms which I had no idea what the weight was. I should have cared about weighing them but I didn't. If I knew what was in store for me I would have weighed them out. I must have ate about 2 grams but not sure.

I downed the shrooms while watching "Requiem For a Dream". About a hour into the movie my muscles got very tense I had to get up and move around. This went on for the entire movie. After the movie was over I got board of watching TV so I shut it off and this is when my trip exploded into confusing. I would think about the past, about who I really am and who I became.

I decide toke a bong or two(heh I don't remember how much I toked), then started to listen to some music for a bit but then that became very boring so I just stared at my carpet and watch the design intertwine with each other and a electrified color was moving about in the design. This was pretty cool I was intent for a bit just watching it.

I decide get up and just walk about my room for a bit, went over to my closet where I grew the mushrooms and just looked at the ceiling of my closet and it just seemed very confusing. I started to stare at my terrarium like something was going to happen. I looked at my fan which brings in fresh air needed to grow and it just seemed so amazing that something that small can move the air around.

I decided to look at my face on my bathroom mirror and it was changing colors and melting. I don't understand what went wrong but I started to see white dots in front of me I went to open the door but I couldn't find myself to turn the door knob then right then and there I felt my self passing out. I didn't know if I was floating or falling. I woke up in my tub with my back against the wall and my legs hanging over the side. I managed to knock everything on the floor that was in the bathroom. I don't know how I managed to do that. I felt very clamy and once agian very confused of what just happened. I had no strength to get up so I just sat there for a bit thinking of what I just did and how I managed to get in my tub. I finally got the strengh to get up, went back to my room and just layed in bed watching TV I think my trip started to wear off once I past out but I couldn't fall asleep. It felt like a nightmare just ended but my trip wasn't a bad trip it was actually pretty damn cool for my first experience. I plan to eat 3 grams my next time. :-D

Well thx for taking the time to read my trip report. I know it's pretty long and probably boring but I loved every moment of my trip. It had a huge impact on my life. I've been wanting to break my addiction of smoking weed. I tried many times to slow down with smoking weed but some how the shrooms stopped my urge to smoke!!!


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