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The Experience

I had been into shrooms quite a bit earlier in the winter, and was quite well versed.

I had been into shrooms quite a bit earlier in the winter, and was quite well versed. And my friend expressed interest in it. So one night when we both had days off and no school, I brought over enough for the both of us to enjoy the night and experience a new reality.

We took the dosage, I'm pretty sure it was 3 caps each and a lot of stems, not quite sure, could have been more. Anyways, we settled down in his room and put on "Dumb and Dumber" waiting for the mushrooms to kick in. I was groovin', and someone had called my friend so he was talking. About 30 minutes later I had an intense fascination with the carpet, as I watched it move and grow. Meanwhile he was on the phone, and he couldn't control what he said. Then I watched the TV screen wave in and out, like it was made of jelly. Then I felt the bed grow a heartbeat. I made a rather loud note of this, and my friend hung up the phone and leaped up and started watching the bed, saying is was floating up. I found it quite amusing. Then we just grabbed the blankets, put them on the floor, and just watched eachother. His face would morph into other people I knew, and eventually his face turned into Satan, which I found quite amusing. Then we watched more of the movie, and I found it to be a riot. I was just so far into the movie, I couldn't believe it. After maybe an hour, we decided to play some video games. We put in a driving game, and I just remembered driving in a circle for 20 minutes having the time of my life. We then put in "Cinderella", put the blankets back on the bed, which were the most vivid colors, and sat and watched the room glow, vibrate, move, the carpet dance, and feeling in touch with another reality. I felt for poor Cinderella, and felt great with the happy ending. We turned off the movie and just sat there talking and watching. Time didn't exist. I couldn't even comprehend the thought of tomorrow, and I stopped trying. I was just too happy, and blissed with the intense glow I felt within. We just talked, made jokes that made no sense, laughed. Then we decided to voyage through the rest of the house. Walking through the basement felt like walking through a dark cave, and I couldn't quite find my way through in the dark. Walking up the stairs felt like it was miles. I felt that the stairs just ascended into infinity. When I got to the top, I ran into my friend, we had a good conversation, and I went to the bathroom. When I turned on the light the room just wiggled and waved into existence. When I looked into the mirror, my face just grew, morphed, and did it's little dance. I was fascinated. I went back downstairs, and then we just reminisced, felt this cosmic bond, and drifted to sleep.

Morning came, and all was great and fluffy. :)

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