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The evil EYE

One day I got some shroom from a friend of mine.

One day I got some shroom from a friend of mine. This was my first time trying some, I have high metabolism so I thought that I could handle alot (very stupid!). The shrooms tasted like shit but I thought that it would be worth it considering the ride. I sat on the coach for about 15 minutes just staring at the clock, the clock began to drip down to the oven. The gas burner was on and when the liquids dripped down to the burner they caught fire and began to float back to the clock but they kept going and launched into the ceiling. I got scared and ran into my room shouting for the visions to stop!. I looked at a picture on my desk, My 15th burtday I was standing behind a table surrounded by family and friends. The picture began to morph into swirling patterns and the faces trailed into different emotions, First they became sad and pitiful and then in a blink of an eye they were expressing tantrums. Each face staring at me they weren't staring at the camera for the shot anymore, they were eyeballing me, everyone of them. I closed my eyes shut but even with my eyes shut I saw visions pasted onto the inside of my eyelids, I saw a great demon with large eyes and a gaping jaw that was filled with razor blade-like teeth. I forced my eyes open and the demon was still there, it sprouted wings and glided into the living room. It flew towards the ceiling, The fan turned into gigantic throbing spikes that changed in size at great speeds. One spike caught the demon cutting off a limp, from the limp a new demon sprouted. This cycle countinued until the room was filled with demons all shouting and screeching. All I could do was stand there I cound't move as if my legs were frozen. The walls began to peel revealing the wooded foundations beneth. I floated up to the center of the room and the floor below caved in. I was left floating in the center of the room with no floor, walls, and ceiling. The spikes from the fan were let lose and they rebounded around the room cutting up the foundations and nieghboring trees while the screeching demons evaded them, A spike streaked towards me, I closed my eyes shut and all the sounds and visions stopped when I opened them again. I was in my room and all sounds were muted. Then the walls began to liquidfy and surrounded me, The walls kept peeling like waterfalls and I was caught in the middle drowning in liquid plaster. My point of view began to shift and I could see myself from the outside being buried alive within my own room. I woke up adn realized that I dozed off sometime around the demon dance and the rest was a nighmare. I realized that it was all pretty funny afterwards. The next time I did shrooms (about 3 weeks later) it was more blissful and fun because I realized that I should just let go and let it ride through the way it was ment to be.

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