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The Elder Race

Encounter with Elder Races and God.

Encounter with Elder Races and God.


We were at this raveparty at the side of a lake, me, my girlfriend and two of my best friends. We had quite a lot of shrooms (don't know the equivalent of U.S. dosage, anyway we had 3-4g, should have been quite a fat trip), and just sat down and waited for the effects. Some strange dude didn't like me for some reason, so we all went to sit in the nearby forest. I was a little pissed, because I haden't had a real trip in months, no matter how much shrooms I did. Now I had like a McDonaldsbag full of them, so I ate 4g at first (a handful), and then ate the good-looking ones like snacks. I was determined to eat until something happened.

I had been doing some heavy tripping on Acid and Shrooms for two years, so we were mentally prepared. We met some three or four guys, all on shrooms, by the little lake and sat there, tripping away. Suddenly my quiet little trip hit me hard on the head and told me to walk out deeper into the forest. I did so, and found these really cool trees that looked like fractals, a mystic bridge leading to eternity, and things like that. Pretty cool. I returned to my friends and told them about what i'd seen, so they all went after me. A couple of hours later I was still tripping quite bad, but I had none of the really-fat-trip-signs. I turned to loke at my friend, and he stared back at me. Suddenly i had a strange feeling of becoming someone else- I was becoming my friend. And I was convinced I actually was! But it was not frightening, just strange. I knew everything about him, everything he had ever experienced. I got scared and tried to get back to my self after a while, and I barely succeded.

Suddenly some guy on acid nobody knew showed up telling stories about how he robbed a gasstation and stuff like that. For a moment I had an really ugly trip, but it went over as my girlfriend calmed me down and asked the guy to leave (what could we do?). We went over the brigde to find some place away from the music due to my bad experience, and sat down on a little beach. Suddenly I got this bad-trip feeling again, and told my girlfriend to look after me, and to get rid of the other guys except the ones that we came with. She did as I told her, and meanwhile, the coolest things happened. Obviously, I was tripping quite hard until that moment, but it was nothing compared to this. It had been a few hours, and I hadn't even peaked yet!

My peak came just as the music stopped, and I was all alone in a beautiful swedish forest in the middle of the summer at sunrise. I wanted to scream out my love to the earth to hear my words echo through the forest, but I couldn't, since people would hear me and come to see what was happening. But nature understood how much I loved it, and gave me the gift of natural echo, so that even the slightest whisper was so amplified it could be heard for miles. Then I started to think about dimensions. I thought that there obviously must exist other dimensions. And it shouldn't be impossible for things to live in these other dimensions. It was as absurd to me that we actually lived in a three-dimensional world, that it is to people to try to understand how it would be to live in only two dimensions. So I thought about Einstein, and that the fourth dimension is time. For some reason time was not linear, and if something actually lived in time (in a different way than we do), they would be everywhere, at all times. Don't ask me how or why, but that is what I thought. So I thought I'd try to summon some of them. And they came. They suddenly stood ten yards before me. I closed my eyes, yawned to get som tears in my eyes to see more clearly, and they were still there. I tried for a really long time NOT to see them, but they just stayed there to convince me. They were so beautiful, so chaoticly perfect. They looked like small cactii, and they were made completely out of strings of melodies. Each tone was a color, and each melody a sparkling rainbow. Then I thought of talking to them, but it was unnecessary. They knew, and I knew. They were an elder race. That was all what was important. Suddenly, as if someone had chased them away, there was this feeling of an unexpected guest.

I closed my eyes, and behind millions of colored flowers I saw God. He had the shape of a red and green mask, the type that has one side that is sorry and another that is happy. But this one just smiled at me. The God was I, and I was God. We were all god, we were all the same. And then the same thing happened again. I wanted to say something to God, but it wasn't necessary. I still can't come up with a good question, who can? After what seemed like a couple of years, my girlfriend and two of my friends showed up. They checked on me, had a smoke and did nothing in particular, which was strange, since they told me the next day they had had a trip as fat as I had. I on the contrary was all over the place, hugging trees, praying, trying to understand what a "home" was et.c. And suddenly it felt like I had been sleeping all my life, and woked up at this moment. The trip was long from gone, and it even advanced to a higher level. It was perfect. I have never ever in my whole life understood the word "perfection" until now. There is nothing more to say about it. It was like a circle of steel, everything had something to do with all other things. Often when you have shrooms or acid, and you look someone in the face, it tends to be so much things going on. Eyes of blue fire, hair like stormy clouds, things like that. Now we all were perfect. Everyone had three green, red and yellow dots on each cheek, depending on what subject we were discussing. The faces of everyone contained only these three signs. We were, as said before, stoned immaculate. We found these magic shroom-circles in the middle of the forest, a stairway leading up to nowhere, (actually a real one, we checked last week) and strange things like that. There are no words of describing it, as you all have experienced. This is just a very very small fragment of what happened, I could go on for weeks. But I don't have time for that. I'm going back for more.

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