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The coolest, scariest thing ever, LOVED IT!

I bought some shrooms for me and my friends about 10 in the mornin.

I bought some shrooms for me and my friends about 10 in the mornin. We got 2 eigths and i decided to mac mine right after i got them, it was my first time. I came to this site to get some info about what to expect, but it wasn;t even close to what i had predicted. I was watching tv when a pair of binoculars came out of the tv like in a 3d glasses movie, and i knew the trip started. My carpet started to sway back and forth like someone was shaking it softly but continuously. I spaced out on the carpet for about an hour then the wierd stuff started to happen. My walls formed the letters "MSH" ALL over the walls, everywhere I looked, it was msh. I wasnt really worried until i saw a damn seagull fly in my ceiling and pick up a skull and fly off in the distance, along with about ten other birds all doing the same thing, picking up skulls with their feet and flying away in my ceiling. I looked at a picture of a map and all of a sudden a little ship popped up and Columbus, the guy who discovered america, appeared on a ship with about ten other people and started floating around the world. I looked at my friend and asked him where we were,(we were at my house) and he told me we were at his house when all of a sudden MY WALLS MORPHED INTO HIS HOUSE and scared me out of my mind, so I looked over to a statue and it started talking to me though i couldn't tell exactly what it was sayin, i got a little freaked out. Every tree had a face of a Norseman and i lost all reality with dimensions, a mile looked like it was right in front of me and i felt that i was in space starring at my body from the sky. It wasnt long before i went to my room and tried to just fal asleep but i soon felt like i was in the Matrix and the only way out was to call Neo, but that didn't happen, i blacked out after smokin 5 bolls and woke up as if i was still shroomin.

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