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First Time Trippin at movie

It all started when i went to buy some bud from a dealer in the school.

It all started when i went to buy some bud from a dealer in the school. I was planning on getting right fucked up so I had 40$ for 4 grams. I tell him '4, can ya hook it up?'. He says hes got a bunch of shrooms rite now and if i wanted 1/4 instead. I had heard about shrooms before but i never got around to asking about them. I saw this as an great apportunity and I took advantage of it. So at lunch i get the shrooms, and ive never seen them before so i went into a bathroom stall all excited to looooook at them. They smell like SHIT. Anyway that night (friday)i call up my freind Caleb to come over for the night. He came over and i showed them to him. Hes kinda a pussy so he didnt want any so i took them at about 8:30pm. WE decided it was best to go to a movie for my first time we went to Coach Carter. Its not that long of a walk to the movie theater so we walked. About right when we get in line(o ya i only took half, 1/8) it hit me straight up. I felt really heavy like i was getting sucked into tghe ground. We finally get into the movie theatre and sit down. I just started laughing so hard at this guys hair, it was kinda gay hair. So im having a fun time just laughing when i look at my jeans and OMG... They are going back and forth and moving like waves. Then i looked at the ripples on the wall and wow it was "breathing". Then it turned bad... These little indian kids in front of me started. They acually were because my sober freind caleb was getting so pissed. So i just tryed to ignore it but i coldnt so i decided to go to the bathroom. That was a journey itself. I got to the bathroom and stood at the urinal for about ten minutes. The bright white tiles in the bathroom were super trippy. After a while I headed back to the theatre. I sat down and those girls looked back again and again and they just wouldnt stop so we just left. When i got home it was pretty much done. As we speak i am buying a 1/4. Peace out A-town.

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