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the concept of life

well, where do i begin this was definitly a strong level 4 and a debatable level 5.

well, where do i begin this was definitly a strong level 4 and a debatable level 5... the night started at a party... i was bored.... and decided to take an 1/8 3.5g of shrooms... my friend had taken close to that many about an hour before, maybe a half hour went by, i socialized, played hackey sack, hung out... then it hit me like a realization of life youd never expect. it was as if something told me this is not the place for you get out of this party and go somewhere to explore because things will be getting drastic, before losing my mind i desperately tried to get my friend out of there... it took what seemed like hours, but only about 15 min in reality. once we left everything came crashing down, inside my car i could see strings of lights all around me... the music playing would co-inside with the images i was seeing, i was freezing and we couldnt go home yet, it started to get rough.. there were houses all around me swirling in every direction when my eyes were open, when they were closed i fell into the abyss of colors and music swirling around in my head. my friend takes us home. suprisingly im able to make it downstairs to the basemnet, warmth. probably the single most important event of my life at the moment, becomming warm... things werent so scary now i calmed down. i grabbed a blanket and layed down on the couch, getting the blanket to cover me was difficult because i had multiple arms and legs all scurrying around to be covered by it... my friend gets on his computer behind me, i hear the house creaking, it echoes through my head... i shut my eyes... while they were shut i saw every individual from the party earlier that night, i no longer knew who i was, i was simply viewing others, seeing how they were what they did... i became to realize that everything in my life i had ever did all was to lead up to this very moment, where within the depths of my mind i would realize exactly who i am what ive done and what i will become... i remember thinking that to do what we did is to truly find out who you are, and that youve got to be a strong player to make it in this life because if you arent than you are just one of billions that will fade out as they all have before, i went from door to door to places i cant really fully remember and they were surrounded by blackness, occasionally id open my eyes due to the incredible creaking sounds of the house, when opened i felt that i had periodically stopped into "home base" from our journey which was my friends basement, here we collected our thoughts tried to make sense out of our distorted realities.. the room would move and swirl, colors were so incredibly distinct, and then i layed there some more. i looked behind again to see my friend still on the computer, who was he talking to i thought, how is he talking through a screen.. to think of the concept of tv's and computers and the insanity of how it all works and comes together blew my mind.. the thought of cars and phones and technology as a whole made be think i was in some futuristic world where people dwelled in the depths of there homes with little contact of the outside world only to be safe in there home base...trying to understand being a living person, a human being, made absolutely no sense, as if i was as foreign of a creature as some alien, but after a while i realized that all we are is an incredibly complex system of matter all incorporated working under a brain to simply live and our single purpose is to embrace and enjoy our gift, the gift of knowing and the gift of being..... after comming down many hours later i was getting the very end of the trip. the hallway seemed to stretch for miles, and layed there contimplating the events of the night, had i upest everyone i talked to? did anyone know what i did that night? no idea, but i needed sleep, so i slept... all in all, it wasnt the visuals, or the color distortion, it wasnt the hallucinations or even the occasional flash of mushrooms dancing, the most significant thing about this was the insane comprehension of life good and evil, everything i must do to change for the better everything that people do for the worse.... needless to say i was completely fine the morning after with only memories of the insane journey, i havent lost my mind and im still fully mentally sound.. but to experience something that intense definitly was an eye opener... live and love your life because its is the root of everything every emotion youll ever have, make the best of it

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