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the color of the fire ;-)

This is all happened to me junior year of high school and was my first and most recent trip, it is now 2 years later and I plan to trip again this Saturday (on chocolates unfortunately).

This is all happened to me junior year of high school and was my first and most recent trip, it is now 2 years later and I plan to trip again this Saturday (on chocolates unfortunately). Well I guess the best way to describe this crazy experience was that I went through many different stages each with a theme pulled from some part of my memory or subconscious. My friend S. and I arrived at a house to meet with some people before heading over to a bonfire. Apparently the girl who lived there was out of town and one of the other girls i was with was watching the place for her. really a responsible thing to be having a party there. Anyway I had an 8th and a half I bought specifically for that night and was eager to try it out so I decided to eat 1 8th and save the rest. I remember washing the peanut/pumpkin seed tasting mushrooms down with some orange juice, I thought the shrooms looked especially weird since it almost looked like there were metallic gold flecks sprinkled on the caps... Anyway we sat around for about an hour and I had a few shots of captain then it was time to leave.
S. and I hopped in S's car and he said "Time to take you on a trip man" (he had never done them so he was excited for me i guess). As we were driving though the country roads in the night i distinctly remember the streetlights and headlights looking like diamonds spilling forth onto the road, then i remembered that one can also see stuff with closed eyes so I closed them and saw thick cartoony spinning spider webs, this entertained me immensely! According to S. I asked him a million times where we were going and when we finally got there I stood up and realized I was a million feet tall, i seriously felt like a skyscraper! I managed to make my way over to the fire and sat down shakily. My lips and tongue felt rubbery and I sat and thought about this as I stared intently at the fire. I was so baffled I couldn't think of anything else. Everyone, especially my friend R. kept coming over and saying "hey man tell us what you're seeing!" but all I could do was nod and say "sorry i cant talk now" Rob said go explore the woods and so i went, nothing crazy to report, I was so fucked by then that I got back and when I found some random girl sitting in my chair I just let myself fall to the ground beside her. She kept trying to kiss me and lay next to me but I wanted none of it. I pushed her away and listened to the trees. very pleasant. before I knew it it was time to go and since i couldn't go home S. ended up dropping me off at that girls abandoned house, weirdness ensued.
Heres when the first theme of the night came in as walked up and down the hall in the darkness, peering into each room in order then repeating the hall. each was different but one was bright red inside and the carpet looked like a tiny red city (a repeat of the million foot tall theme). I began to feel very dehydrated and felt like i might die of it but that didn't really bother me so i drank Dr. pepper out of her fridge. The instant i took a sip and I had to piss and in the bathroom was where I had my most transcendental experience. I began to get an immense appreciation for the symmetry of the bathroom, to me it was an allegory to the universe. I stared at my face in the mirror and really freaked myself out when my face started to bulge out and pulse and change in certain places. I looked at my hands and they were HUGE, the tiniest speck of dirt under a nail looked like a clump of dirt. I turn to the glowing light switch and put my face right up to it and once again see the tiny red/orange cities. I scare the crap out her poor cat and decide to lay down on the couch. suddenly I am aurally bombarded with repetitive German sounds spoken with S.'s voice. I see spiraling cartoon patterns again and a series of loud German chuckles and voices and sheets of black and white dots which obscure my vision. I fall asleep there and wake up the next morning to some other girl I've never met before asking me who i was and what i was doing there, I was shocked that she wasn't in the least bit afraid.

lesson of the night: everyday life as we know it is only the tip of the iceberg, really.

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