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The Circle

I remember hearing something like, “Holy shit your feet ARE HUGE.

I remember hearing something like, “Holy shit your feet ARE HUGE. What are you going to do? Man, I bet you could kick some ass with those big bastards!!”

I was sitting on my back porch with my friend Cash at the time. We had just consumed what seemed like a large amount of shrooms, and seeing how it was our first
time we knew not what to expect. “So they’re beginning to kick in, eh?” I said.

“Sh-shi-SHIT YEAH. its soooo smooth.” Cash replied. I couldn’t feel it working on me so I decided to walk around the house a little. I think I said something like, “Did you know that scientist from all over the world got together to determine what the most satisfying word in the English language was to say, what do you think about that?”

“That’s quite a pickle.” Cash replied. So I got up, and starred through the door that leads to the kitchen. The door flew past me and so did the hall, and I found myself in
the kitchen as if I had never moved a muscle.

At this point I thought, maybe I should watch some TV? The trip to the living room took exactly 34 years 8 months 10 days and 16 minutes. When I arrived after my exodus of ten meters I found Cash melted into the sofa.

“Was the word... MUSH?” he said as I entered the room. Then the chairs and the floor began to sing to me. It was a relaxing song that beckoned me to them. I sat in a red chair and luckily the remote was in reach. I pointed it at the TV and it writhed in my grasp
desperately wanting me to turn on the tube.

A painting behind the TV slowly moved and kept saying, “Don’t, don’t turn it on. It’s the head of the beast It’s the head of the beast It’s the head of the beast.”

So I flung the squirming remote under the piano, who agreed with my decision. And so I found myself pondering what looks like some kind of bowl on the table. It was round. A perfect circle. I thought about math. 3.141592654. Pi. Amazing it was.

I thought of all the things that mimic Pie. That we understand almost completely but there is this part we cant figure. A genius and a moron.The genius can focus all his
attention on one thing, but this is a moron’s only way of thinking. They are the two extremes of brain power but so alike. Almost connected but not, just like a Pi. That
distance, that leap we cannot figure. Furthermore the very small and the very large have this connection. The universe and the tiniest particles are so alike, but there is something there that I do not understand.

How can such answers and such questions be hidden in
a circle. Is someone playing a joke? Humans have used the circle to advance to what we are, (THE WHEEL!) What is this mental leap this connection that things have that lies
in the essence of Pie. All the planets are round, ripples in a pond, ect, ect. What is this that
I think I know, what is Pi...

then I became one with the answer and so will you...

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