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the card of evil

it all started out when school got out for spring break my buddie niko was trying really hard to get acid because hes never treid it.

it all started out when school got out for spring break my buddie niko was trying really hard to get acid because hes never treid it. I really didnt think i would be ready for acid. when he found out he couldnt get any we found a guy that could get us some mushrooms. so niko picked up half an ounce of blue and green bruised mushrooms with golden caps. he gave me 4.3 grams of mush for 20 and he had 5 grams of them. we made some mushroom tea around 7:00. we drank it down and thought we should play video games untill they would kick in. we played a round of super smash bros but neither of us could focus very well on the screen so we new they had to be good mushrooms. so we went into his room and played guitar. he let me use this huge acoustic guitar while he used his smaller electric. it was alot of fun playing guitar because the mushrooms were starting to kick in. every thing was breathing, getting bigger and smaller and bending. after i stopped playing i thought that the guitar i was playing was as big as me. we were starting to get good visuals so we turned off the light and put in mush mix. its a cd we made before we did mushrooms a month and a half before so we could listen to it and trip out. after the second song i got dejavoo over and over again like i was in a loop of time. i seriosly felt as if i went back in time to the last time we did mushrooms. his room looked the exact same as last time it was almost pitch black but with the warming orange glow of his grow light. we started to talk about non sence making up characters and such. all of a sudden his light turned off with a loud snap and it felt as if the sun exploded in his room. when i looked at anything it would be slightly visible then suddenly get engulfed in darkness, it happened constantly. when i was listenin to the music i had a semetrical net thing over my vision and it was the coulor of the rainbow. i couldnt really see the coulors perectly they just looked like a foggy image of bright coulors. we didnt want to go into the light because it felt so dope in the darkness but we both had to go to the bathroom. so niko got up and opened the door and the light rushed into the room and exploded in mushroom spirals. by mushroom spirals i mean really intricate swirls everywhere. the walls looked like they were trembling quickly like and earthquake was happening. his sister and a freind just came home and they were drunk. we were laughing at the fact that they were playing video games and watching a movie and we could of done that just looking at the wall. standing up seemed like a challenge becuase i was having trouble quardinating my legs with each other. after niko got out of the bathroom i went in and noticed that my pupils were taking over my eyes getting bigger then slighly smaller then even bigger. i took a piss and couldnt get over how cool the wall looked because i could see very detailed faces every where and they were smiling and twitching. i had trouble flushing the toilet and couldnt figure out why so i just gave up and when i was washing my hand i heard his sister and her freind talking but all i could hear was complete gibbirish. i came back into the room to see niko playing guitar agian so i thought i would draw but it was too confusing to do so i just looked through my book and every drawing had a personality angry or happy and they looked like they were 3d and real. the couch i was sitting on had a life of its own changing from light blue to light green swirling and breathing. things were starting to get very confusing so we went into the kitchen to get something to drink. he handed me a room temperature peice of pizza it looked like it was badly made i took a bite and it didnt feel right and it tasted wierd so i put it into a cup and put it into the fridge. at the time this seemed very logical because i thought that it would work the best. the water tasted like dream i held it in my mouth untill it tasted like metal and i swallowed it. when we were hanging out in the kitchen i looked at the stove element that we always use for hotkniving, there was at least an inch of ash sitting under it and all over the stove top so he cleaned it up with out haste. i had a close call almost cutting my self with a kitchen knife and knocking over nikos next cup of mushroom tea. i think it was around 11:30 when we drank our second cup of mushroom tea it was cold and tasted really sour because of all the lemon we put in so it would extract better. seeing no white sugar or honey around i asked for a spoon and put brown sugar in. after i put it in i realized what i just did and thought it would taste like shit but it some how tasted like a european delicacy. this is when his all his pets came into the same room as us his black lab named boomer reminded me of a seal because it does every time were on mush and his cat looto looked like a smaller version of a mountain cat. looto was a pure fluff ball and i couldnt help stroking it but after i was done my hands were completely covered in hair. for some reason every time i do mushrooms my hand are completely covered in hair. i got up to grab my tea cup and the cat took my seat when i wasent looking. so i took the chair he was sitting on and laughed at him. when we went back into nikos room we took out his only remaining plant that went through some tough times and lost all of its fan leaves and all it had was a couple of fine buds. the strain was white rhino and it smelled strong and musky with a hint of pine, i had it held between my legs for about 15 minutes just smelling and looking at the buds. he cut 2 buds off early and let the plant grow the smaller buds bigger but the crystal grew even more so the bud looked like it was frosted with fairy dust twinkling and shining in the light. we chilled and listened to music for a while thinking of why people do drugs like meth and why alcohol is acepted in society and weed isnt. we also thought that if the goverment doesent like stoners they should just make an island and make all drugs legal there. we thought we should blaze because it was getting preatty late so we packed a bowl of roach and smoked it and watching the smoke swirl and move it was weird because the smoke had layers and you could see what ever you wanted to see in the smoke if you thought about it enough i saw at least eight mushroom patches grow. then niko put some of his white rhino in with some hash oil he made outa shake. we kept talking to each other in different accents and i could actually feel the pesonality of the nationality i was imitating. i took a big hit and blew it out but i left alot of smoke in the chamber of his bong he said cmon man get rid of that chamber smoke so i sucked as hard as possible and i got a huge mouth full of bong water wich tasted like monkey shit at the time so i spat it back into the bong. after we blazed my mind was racing and my visuals were way cooler every thing was moving or twiching and the smoke was changing beutifull coulors and every hit would be a different coulor some blue some orange some grey. i looked at the computer screen and it was changing coulors like a movie and then he started to play guitar again so i watched the movie on his amplifyer it was two black figures walking back and forth. his parents came into the room so he put down his guitar and said good night. his parents are cool with weed and mush but they dont like it when he and his sister drink. i said good night too looking through a magnifying glass because it amplifeid the coulors and made them brighter. after they left i asked niko if he had this thing that when ever you look at a light there would be a bunch of happy faces but he got this light refractor card. it was cool to look through because it made the light brighter and if you were looking straigt through it would make u look some where else. sorta like a prism but like alot of them put on to a card.i was looking through it watching the bright neon like coulors change then all of a sudden i saw death in a white cloak he was just standing there with his arms out to me and his hand were glowing of pure light. if you have seen lord of the rings you know the part where he puts on the ring and all the light is getting pulled to one side it looked just like that and death just flew at me in an instant and i yelped like a dog and i was trembling. i saw pure evil i cant really explain it but i saw pure fuckin evil. niko just laughed at me and he just thought i was being an idiot so he looked into it and he was tripping out at all the dope coulors and then all of a sudden he through the card down and i lookied at his eyes and they were moving back and forth rapidly and his jaw was sort of chattering he said never fucking look in there. he said that his right arm the one that was holding the card went complety numb and he said he saw his eye and then he saw past his eye and into his brain. after he told me that i saw fractalized eyes with huge pupils every where i looked and he said he saw the same thing but with angry mouths. niko told me that he got it at a college sceince camp when he was ten. and they had a big roll of it and shone a high powered light though it all and it made it turn into a prism, he said they did a bunch of tests on it and i thought he was just trying to trip me out but the next day i looked it up and it was actually true. we were both terrifeid of this little plastic card but after a while we though maybe we were just trippin so niko looked into it again and he saw me on the couch but my face was mashed up and bloody, so we really got freaked out about it we thought we might of discovered a portal to another dimention or a portal to hell or somthing. we got rid of it for the time and talked about it for a while. then thought we should brew the left overs of our mush up and drink it. we boiled up some water and tossed our goey mushrooms into the cup and let it extract for a while. we went back into his room and put on the wall by pink floyd, at this time all the eyes every where were getting anoying so i said enough of you eyes then they just turned back into mushroom swirls. we got our sketch books out and started drawing i drew death the one i saw in the card and niko drew some picture of a guy with an eye for a brain and a bandaid for an eye trying to eat a gummie bear. we drew untill 5 and we got tired so we both said peace and went to sleep. in conlusion these mushrooms were fucking rad and the weed and hash oil just made it better, i recomend mushrooms to every one exept if you are in a bad mood or depressed at the time

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