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The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

I suspect that part of the reason why you are reading this, is that you were intrigued by the title 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'.

I suspect that part of the reason why you are reading this, is that you were intrigued by the title 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'. Well, if you don't no what it is then i shall tell you now. TCDC is a really old german film which has since become a classic, mainly because of its surreal set designs. It is set in a small German town, but all of the buildings are all bent up and twisted, just like they would look like if you were on MAGIC MUSHROOMS!!

I saw this film at college (i study film) and didn't think very much of it. But now i love it, because of my first hand experience of what it's like to be in that film.

So, ladies and gentlemen, i shall now tell you about this magical trip i had, in which 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' became so very real.

I went on a trip to Amsterdam (where else?) with the college for 3 nights. I really wanted to do mushrooms again because the last trip i had in Amsterdam was amazing. On the first night however, i got really stoned and whitey'd, so went to bed. On the second night, i got drunk, but the good thing was, my mate Mark was pissed up too, and so i managed to convince him into making a pact with me that we would do some shroomz.

So on the following night, me and Mark went and bought some Philosophers Stones. I had done them before and had a good trip, so bought them again. We went back to the hotel and ate them in our room.

Things looked like they could've taken a nasty turn at this point, as some guy who was staying in our room, pulled out a huge bastard of a knife, and started stabing up the beds and slicing the bed sheets. He then said, "i really wanna stab someone". Me and my mate started to freak out, so decided to do a runner.

We went out for a walk but ended up going on some really long journey to the red light district. This is when everything turned into TCDC, as all the builings became twisted up bent. It was the craziest thing i had ever seen in my life. Every single object, person and building i could see was screwed up, twisted and deformed in some way. It was the most intense trip i had ever had in my life. But it got better.

We walked back to the hotel and, after being so tired from all the walking around, went to sleep. But instead of going to sleep, i went into some strange hallucination where i was flying around Amsterdam, hovering about 10ft of the ground, speeding forwards at about 200mph. I kept seeing all these red lights flashing everywhere. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Oh, and Amsterdam still looked like TCDC even in this different hallucination.

Afterwards, the shrooms started to wear off, but i was still tripping quite pleasantly. Food tastes bloody great when you're tripping, and i remember eating some crisps that tasted mind-blowingly good.

So, overall, it was the best fucking trip i have ever had. Never under-estimate the power of shrooms. Respect

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