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The Big Bang!

My name is Ben.

My name is Ben. About two weeks ago I decided I wanted to try a hallucinegenic experience. After carefull deliberation with a coe-worker we decided I should try shrooms. And so the adventure had begun. I thought that the coming saturday would be a good time to try this out as my parents would not be home and my friend Kyle was already going to crash at my house. Me and Kyle have a kind of ongoing experiment with things that go boom. You see about once a month we get to gether pool our money and try to come up with some sort of idea to dismember mailboxes in new and incredible ways. In fact chances are if you live on a quiet secluded road within ten miles of my house and have ever woken up to a burning stump that was once your trusty mailbox. It was probably us and were probably still laughing about it. Anyway me and Kyle had tried a few different drugs to make our monthly rampage seem more memmorable eg: weed, hash, coke. But never a halucinegen. Nevertheless we were both sweating with anticipation. On Saturday the 23 of september 2000. At about 9:00 pm We each ingested 4 grams of P. cubenis in a frothy orange juice concentrate shake. Not so bad actually. By 9:30 we had'nt felt anything so we started work on tonights device. Now there's one thing that I didn't truly grasp about mush and that's it power to make anything fun when your having a good time seem like a good idea. And that's really not healthy when your working with potentially lethal flamable materials. By 10:00 the effects were hitting hard and all of a sudden. Me and Kyle were in the middle filling a glass jar with 2 pounds of flash powder. And all of a sudden he looks up at me and says " I don't feel so good". Consequently we went upstairs and smoked a couple bowls of this really premo dutch hash. That at least took the edge off. By 10:15 we were back to building. I was tripping HARD , trails intense visuals, I swear I could see the smells. TI tried to explain this to Kyle but he was all hyper and running around my house looking for stuff. At some point in the next 15 minutes two very important things happened. A) I decided to call my friend Brian to drive for us because I was sure we'd either blow up ourselves or crash my car. B) I fell into some sort of time loop, the effects were getting stronger and stronger. I think I either passed out or just slipped into some sort of extra-perception state. It's imposible to explain I felt as though everyrthing that was happening was a memmory and I was just asleep. I snapped out of it to an ear piercing sound that I thought was a giant church bell like the kind in old european monasteries swinging at my head. Turns out it was Brian at the door. He must have let himself in because I was somewhere under the dining room table yelling about the pope and Kyle I was to find had barracaded himself in my garage. Brian managed to talk me down from whatever was going on with several comments like " What the F**K did you take" and " Calm down your really fried". Once that was over we went to look for Kyle who like I said had locked himself in my garage. This was were I again slipped into some wierd idea that Kyle was trying to commit suicide in my garage. After my chanting and clawing at the door between my house and the garage. Brian opened the door from the other side. And I found Him and Kyle standing on the other side with these big shit ass grins on their face. I could'nt understand what they were saying. All i got was the garage door itself was apparently overlooked as it was wide open, and Kyle was holding some sort of jug or can in his hands. I think this is were I was peaking because began to feel as though I were floating like a hovercraft on water, then I got the idea that I was on water , so I began to try to swim on the lenonleum. The next thing I remember I'm in Brians mountaneer, sitting next to Kyle. Again everything felt like it was a distant fuzzy memory. I looked at the clock and it said 12:00 am Brian started telling me how I was completely gone for abut an hour after he got their at 10:30. He said that I made my way outside and I hid on the floor of my moms honda yelling about eating the scorpion or he'll sting me or something. I guess I stated to come down enough that they coaxed me into the car after that. Kyle still had this Big shit ass grin on his face wich he kept touching with his right hand. Later on he explained this to be that he thought he had no hands because he could'nt feel them. Anyway Brian took us out to some construction site where they were building a strip mall or something. Only the foundation had been poured so it looked like a maze of sinken tunnels. He walked us over to some porta-podies were he took something out of a back pack he had around his shoulder. It was the biggest damn bomb I ever saw. Kyle later told me it was my idea but i kinda lost it so he finished. It looked like something out of bosnia. We had taken a 12 oz. jar and filled it with flash powder which is a high explosive. Then I guess because we were stoned we though it was'nt big enough so Kyle taped 14 aerosoll cans of sprat paint and wd40 and hairspray to it. And then I guesss for extra stuipidity he taped that whole thing to a 1 gallon milk jug filled with gassoline. All I can remember thinking is how completely F**KED up I was when I measured the wicK. So I start running past the car. Kyle just stands there with that grin and Brian's laughing hysterically as he put's it on the seat of the middle of three porta-potties lights it and begins to walk away with Kyle. Now I don't know if it was me or their was alot of wick but I ran till I was out of breath. turned around and crouched on the ground. i waited for what seemed like an hour. I guess I figured it wasn't goona blow so I stood up and opened my eyes. I could'nt see Kyle or Brian. But I could see the potties. just as I assured myself we were ok and that it wasnt going to blow. It did! Holy F**K I'm not even kidding BANG! the door blew off the middle one in a ten foot ball of fire. It ripped in half and sent the side two flying in either direction. It knocked me on my ass and dazed me for about 3 or 4 seconds. When I looked up I had these beautifull halo's around each of the several small fires burning up to 100 ft. away. I ran back to the car almost completely down now. there I found Brian but no Kyle. Brian said he ran of after the explosion. We found him triping hard, huddled behing a cement mixer thing screaming bloody murder about how he killed me. When we all woke up the next morning and started to write this he confessed that when he saw me fall down from the blast he thoght I was dead and freaked out. Turns out I'm fine but a piece of plastic shrapnel put a hole in Brians mom's Mountaneer's front right tire. And we never did find my backpack that brian took the bomb out of. I had singed hair on both fore arms and eybrows. And we vowed not to use or build these things wasted anymore. And that was my first shroom trip. I know it was long, the spelling and grammar sucked. But hey you try typing with aloe vera gel all over yor arms.

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