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The best (strangest) trip EVER!!!!

Well it was the second time for taking these hydroponic mushrooms.

Well it was the second time for taking these hydroponic mushrooms. Or maybe the third... Anywho, it all started at my friend's house and we each had 4.5 g's of the shrooms that a friend of his grows. Unknowingly, I ate all 4.5 g's at one time (I say unknowingly because after the trip my friend tells me that they have 3 times the normal amount of psilocybe in them than any other mushroom...) We went to Sonic to eat, even though I wasn't really hungry. My friend had not taken the shrooms yet, and at Sonic I saw a guy that I knew in high school that had killed one of my best friends (long story). Right then I knew it was gonna a helluva night. They started to hit me and I proceeded to freak out a little cuz I didnt think they were going to be that hard on me. I ordered a chicked tortilla wrap thingie (with no dressing) but could only bring myself to take a bite or two of it. I hadn't eaten a thing all day except for some candy that morning.

We proceeded to go down town (me, my friend in his Lexus/ his girlfriend and his other friend following in a truck). We stopped to get some gas, and I remember shaking uncontrollably even though it was warm outside. I felt like shit at the time, but I knew that was ok because I've had that feeling other times on rooms.

We get downtown, stuff is moving reaaaally slow and wide like a bubble. We park somewhere and get out. Now this is the weird part - EVERY TIME I TRIP, GOD SEEMS TO BE IN THE FORM OF MY BEST FRIEND. However, this time, his girlfriend appeared to be Jesus (I know that Jesus is a man, but it all made sense at the time). It seemed to me that my friend, Brooks (i.e. God) had the innate ability to control various aspects of time, life and my thoughts. He could read my mind often times (at this time he had already ingested only 1/2 of his 4.5 g's) and everything seemed so biblical. I'm a strong Christian so this really freaks me out.

My key phrase for the night was "WHAT'S GOIN' ON????"

Jesus, my friend Brooks' girlfriend kept telling me "Stephen, I have all the answers" and "Stephen, I have the Key" (made me feel like she was really coming on to me hard). Ummm, we went to a tattoo parlor and I was just looking at all the tattoo's and God (my friend, Brooks) kept "telling" me to only look at the pretty, beautiful tats, not the ugly ones.

I saw many Devils that night, or people I thought to be part of Satan, trying to pull me under, but since I was with God, (My friend Brooks) then everything was OK. Some guy tried to sell me CRACK and I had NO IDEA WHAT WAS HAPPENING...AT ALL. It seemed that everything that was down town that night was meant for me and only me. All the people and the music and just everything was all about me.

I can't say all the things that happened because some of them just defy explanation, but I just think it's sooooo weird that every time I trip, I have some kind of religious experience, and my friend is always God to me.

My name's stephen and I like rooms.

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