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first time trippin

I just took this trip a few weeks ago with one of my good friends, he had picked up some shrooms at phish, i think it was an ounce or so.

I just took this trip a few weeks ago with one of my good friends, he had picked up some shrooms at phish, i think it was an ounce or so. We each had a cap and three stems at around tne or eleven at night and went to see what his parents were up to. They were just hanging out so we went back downstairs to wait for them to start kicking in.

My friends brother was hanging out with us, he knew we were tripping and was cool with it. We hung out and described to him what we were seeing, things like the trails that our hands left when we waved them through the air. I noticed my senses were much better, and i could see lots of things on the walls that i woudlnt normally notice. After a while he left and we were jamming a little, but then i put my bass away.

I glanced at the ceiling and noticed it was dripping. I lied down and looked at that for a long time. After that stuff gets pretty confusing, i know that we were listening to the dead and i was looking at stuff, and i could never find a position that was comfortable.

After a while my friend's brother came back in and we were listening to the dead, just hanging out, trying to explain to his borther how tripping was. Terrapin Station started playing, and we all talked about how amazing the song was. The song totally blew my mind, everything about it was just amazing. We talked about that for a while and then just talked about the dead in general. My friends brother left again and we hung out some more.

We were tripping pretty hard by now, i noticed that the ceiling looked liek it was moving up and down, and the ceiling was still dripping, and one of the ceiling tiles was different than the rest and it was freaking me out. About this time my friend decided we should go outside and smoke a couple bowls of these dank nugs he got at phish. So he started going upstairs to see what the situation was, and then we headed outside. I guess I was pretty loud so he was yelling at me.

We sat on his brothers car for a while, and i decided to go roll around in the grass. It was amazing, i could feel each individual piece of grass i was in contact with, and i could hear every sound in the night. It was very dark and there was no moon, but the sky was dark red and forming kaleidescope shapes.

I went to see what my friend was up to and he was sparkin it up and passing it to me. I had some trouble with doing that, i kept laughing and being wierd. I took a few huge hits though, so i got a little baked. I am actually pretty confused about the order that all of this happened, but I know at one point I was lying in the grass again, and at another time we were at the end of his driveway and i was explaining to him how we had so much fun inside that little room downstairs, and the world was so big, and i was going to go see it right then. he didnt want to go because he said he couldnt handle it and he was going to smoke and calm down. he told me i could go if i wanted but he wasnt coming. so i started walking down the street and i heard an airplane in the sky. it was really wierd how well i could hear it. then while i was walking, i heard this really wierd ripping sound in some bushes and i got really freaked out and turned around. i was walking up his driveway and i saw a firefly and chased it for a while. Then finally I got back and took a few more hits, and then we went inside after sitting outside for a while, because we were getting eaten by mosquitoes.

Sometime outside I realized that if you close your eyes, there is a whole different world, so i did a lot of walking around outside with my eyes closed. When we got inside, there were no lights on, but i could see everything because my eyes were so big from being in the dark so long. So we were hanging out and i was seeing crazy shapes and patterns and he wanted to work on some songs he wrote. He turned the ligths on and i closed my eyes and didnt open them for a really long time. I was just talking and explainign what i was seeing and i didnt shut up for a really long time. Then we went and played tony hawk and it was crazy, the music was really wierd, certain instruments would be louder or softer and things like that. Then after a while we went to sleep. It was really crazy, if anyone is still reading this, trip as much as you can, shrooms are perfect, peace.

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