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the basment of hell

the first time i shroomed it was at this fat kids house.

the first time i shroomed it was at this fat kids house. "hey mike look what i got" he snorted like a pig. whoop de doo. ive done almost every other drug. why dont i try somthing new¿ well i grabed them and shoved them down my throat. well it ended up being over 1/2 an ounce. by the time i started feeling somthing, another friend was there. i started eating and eating. as i ate everything in the kids house, the two talked. my friend seth decided to drag me down in to the unfinished basment. once i hit the bottom step i started seeing things. I saw giant wet marks turn in to portals to hell. i saw deamons running around. the two "friends" started beating on things. it sounded like a thunderstorm and i was in the middle of it. the louder i tryed to yell it seemed like my mouth melted away. then i looked at my friends and their faces started to melt together. i finaly made it up the stairs and out of the house half an hour later. i layed out in the snow waiting for it all to end. eventually i feel asleep. i woke up the next day on top of a table and very cold. i could not remember what had happend for a while. but i knew shrooms could get a lot better.

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