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The Bad Trip/ happy ending

I was with my buddies the other night and we heard taht sum real good mushrooms were in town.

I was with my buddies the other night and we heard taht sum real good mushrooms were in town. Sum stuff from bonaru. There was 4 of us and all of us had tripped before, but nothing like this, at least for me. We were at sum girls house and the kid that we had got the mushies from had already eaten sum but he left before we got to see him trip. We got a half so that each of us could eat an 8th. I remember him saying that if you eat an 8th shit could get real fucked up. So a little after 10 at night we each ate an 8th while we were still at this party, thinking the the mushrooms would kick in from anywehre to 30 min to an hour. I started feeling a little tipsy about 15 min afterwards but i had a couple in me so i didnt think much of it. But then one of my friends started freaking out and saying that he wanted to leave rigth now. I was gettin kinda pissed at him cuz there was girls and shit here adn we had to place else to go till later, which was when we were gunna go back to my house. He kept saying that he was just gunna leave and so finally he just left. My two other friends didnt want him to be by himself so they left to. I did not want to be the only one tripping at the party by myself so i was just liek fuck it and left. we were gunna meet up at this beach where we chill alot and spend a sum time there enjoying the lake and nature. Unfortunatly on the way there i was driving and visuals already started apearing. This was weird cuz this was only like maybe 20 min after we ate them and in the past i have never started tripping so fast before. Anywasy i saw my one friend who left alone sitting in his car just looking at a tree. I went up to the his car and we decided to sit in mine and wait for my other friends cuz we didnt know where they were. It was about 10:40 now. When we sat in my car and listened to sum oldies just chillin i knew that we were about to get way fucked up. everything around the neighborhood was warping like crazy and everything was moving. my friend was sitting shotgun in my car and his face was out of controll. just then my other two friends rolled up in , lets call him D, in D's jeep. I rooled down my window and my friend just yelled dude, im trippping SO HARD. Yeah they said we have to go back to M, thats me, M's house right now. I agreed, cuz i wanted to get back before i went to like level 5 of sum shit liek that and had no idea what the fuck was goin on. So me(M) J, D, and C all drove back to my house and let me tell u that was quite an experience. I do not recomend driving while tripping. So anyways we finaly get to my house and my parents are home but w/e they wouldnt know anythiing. So we go down staris and just sit there and turn on the tv. This was when shit got real fucked up. For sum reason my mind was making up senarios of what was going to happen later and it really was freaking me out. C was also freaking out for sum reason and J was too. The only person that was calm was D he was just chilln watching tv. I started thinking about the crazy shit and everything in my basemnet was just warping and changing. All of the sudden C comes up to me and is just liek dude, i want this shit out of me. So he goes in the bathroom and starts puking. Unfortnatley it had been an hour now and it was way to late to puke. I was pacing around my basemnet freaking out but i cant remember why. I think it was because of the fucked up senarios i made in my head. But anyways i saw my friend puking and i just couldnt handle everythign that was goin on, so i got a bowl and and towl and sat and the floor and just started puking my guts out. J was thinking about puking to but for sum reason he didnt, and D was still just chilln on the couch, he had no idea what the fuck was goin on. So C was puking and drinking mad water trying to keep get "sober" and he started to calm down. I was still in the corner freakin out for sum reason, i honestly have no idea why i was so freaked out, once i was done i thot that i had sobered up a little bit and finally everyone had settle down. C kept tellin me to drink water adn that i would be ok and then we could jsut go to sleep. Well like i said, It was too late to get the shit out of me. Lukcily i had calmed down alot now and i was just in my own little world in the corner of my basment. C, J, and D were across teh room watching t.v now and C kept coming over and askin me if i was ok. I kept saying no dude i have no idea what the fuck just happend and y i was freaking out. Me and C and tripped pretty hard before but it was nothiing liek this. When i finally settle down i went over and all of us just sat there and talked about what was goin on. In my opinion 4 people is alot to be tripping. There was just so much goin on. C would lock himself in the bath room and J was just fuckn walking around for no reason. I was talking a million miles per house becuase it felt liek my head was about to explode. I was having conversations with my self in my head and it was way fucked up. I put on a pair of sweat pants and sat on the floor, for sum reason i felt really flexible and agile, becuase everywehre i was i would sit perched liek fuckn monkey or sum shit. Ther was a lepoard pillow on my couch and D was looking at it for at least 20 min, He just had his hand on it and he was stairing down at it. Now my mom is pretty fuckn decorative so we have this crazy fuckn paint job thats like a dark red and we just sat and looked at it and watched the wall warp. I know i have been rambling on, but to make a long story short, after me and C and J settled down we had a nice trip. we all sat on my couch with the lighjts off and just talked about the craziest shit for liek 2 hours, then we would walk in to a differnt room and sit and talk in there. The shitty part was none of us got to sleep till about 6 in the morning and we had to be up at 9:30 that day. The hole time i lay in my bed trying to fall asleep i heard crazy voices and they kept saying think about eternity, think about infinity over and over they jsut kept saying think about this, think about that. My friend had been asking the same questions earlier so maybe thats y that happened. all iknow is that it was fucked up. so thats my trip, it started out real fuckn crazy and i was seriously on the verge of wanting to go to the hospital cuz i was so freaked out. if i trip again, im pry gunna do it in the day, adn make srue i know how much to eat.

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