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The Bad Trip

It was a Saturday night and a friend and I were very bored.

It was a Saturday night and a friend and I were very bored. He mentioned that a friend of his had shrooms for sale. He then began to talk about the way shrooms make you trip,which after a while gotten me curious.A couple hours went past and before I knew it we had the shrooms sitting infront of us. We both split an eigth. We then drove to my cousins house which is a one bedroom apartment. An hour went by and I started to feel very sick, like I had to take a shit or something. After the stomach ache went away It felt like I took an E pill. We sat there just watching the TV until everything started to pop out at us. I turned the TV off and looked towards the bathroom to find that there was water coming out of the bathroom. I walked over to the bathroom, put my hand in the water to see if it was real and there was water on my hand so I went to go get a towel. When I returned the water was gone. This is when I realized that I was really tripping.I begged and pleaded for him to take me to the hospital but he refused saying, relax and enjoy it. I was freaked out by how he was so relaxed.After a while I got on this thing about the devil and how he gave me the shrooms. I even had my friend believeing me. Oh yeah, the sound was very weird. It didn't feel like we were actually talking it felt like we were comunicating with our minds like off of the the movie "The Shinning".The entire time I was talking I kept my fingers over my mouth because I didn't feel my lips moving. The next day I was so drained out that I did not have any energy to do anything but sleep. I told myself and everyone else that O would not take them again my between me and you I got some shrooms on reserve foe the 4th of July. Only because I feel like I didn't get the full experience. All we did was stay cooped up in a dark room which was our mistake.

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