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The BAAAAD trip.

Hi all you phreaks out there.

Hi all you phreaks out there. What I am about to tell you has been eating on my mind for about a year. I have talked about it to some people but noone understands me. I live in a country where psycadelics are considered "just another drug". Well this trip took place in my house with 4 of my good friends. Three of us(me and two others) split 1,4 grams of this "super" shroom. As they were legal here, they had good instructions and you were not to excede half a bag(bag were 0,7 grams) Anyway I had 2/3 of a bag and I was really looking forward to a mindboggeling experience. After about 15 minutes I was beginning to get giggly and soon I was laughing my ass of at nothing, soon the rest followed me. We were all in my room since I am living in a "good" neighborhood and this sort of conduct is not appreciated. On my wall there was a nice tapestry that was starting to look shiny and all of a sudden I was thrown into it and it enveloped me. I started to scream but when I did I was back in my nice and comfortable chair. I had an idea where the trip was heading. Then one of my friends who shared with me wanted some milk and bread to come down. I felt responsible for his well being and this brought me further down.
Later on we played Tekken3 on Playstation and one of the characters started to bleed(my tv was broken and it was black and white(but the blood was red and sparkle, quite cool acctually) but the blood didn´t stay in the TV it flooded my floor and I was close to drowning. Man when I am writing this I shudder real bad. The worst part was yet to come, I was gradually more convinced by myself that I had gone mad, insane, totally bonkers. And that idea crept upon me as soon as I had the smallest good feeling. Then...one of my posters look like a portal to inner space, and I was dragged into it and had the badest vision you can imagine. Friends and family melting into eachother and parts of me burning(I felt the heat of huge flames lick my body, I guess I now know what hell is!).
After a 9 hour-pure-fucked-up-shroom trip I smoked some hash in a bong and I finally came down into drowsiness. Then everybody else was down and looking at me. The three of us who ate the "super" shrooms all had really intense experiences but I had the thought of insanity for months afterwards. Well that was exhausting to write about. I will probably never dose psycadelic drugs ever again. That I am sad about but you must understand me

Peace, 420 4 ever

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