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The apartment and Spongebob.

Me and 4 others of my friend decided to go shrooming so we went to a nearby farm and got some.

Me and 4 others of my friend decided to go shrooming so we went to a nearby farm and got some. About 8pm our tea was rdy, we make it on tea cause iunno we like it that way mixed with liptom iced tea. After each taking 2 cups of tea we started to chill out. 3 of my friends went to buy some ciggaretts. And me and another one stayed playing Grand thef auto Vice city... well wasnt that intense... When i was playing as i picked up speed i could literally c the things comming out of the tv amazing 3rd stuff. Because of it i felt like vomitting so i went to the bathroom. When i puked my chest hurt and when i closed my eye i could c my chest opening up and puke comming out of it. When i opened my eyes again it felt like i was on the roof like the room was upsidedown but with time it felt normal. About 5mins after my trip to the bathroom the other 3 bums with me arrive and they were tripping ballz, saying how all the stuff where morphing around them and how everything in the store where they bought the cig. was breathing. After 30mins Of looking outside in the balcony of the apartment i felt a presence inside so i went inside. And omg the most worst thing happened A Freaskish Poster of Spongebob Was starring at me... everytime i moved the eyes followed i tried to rip the poster but it didnt want to get out of the wall. I got depressed so i sit on the floor. All this time my other friends where tripping big time but on there own i felt like going apart so thats why im telling my personal stuff. After staying on the floor for a little while i felt my friends were going to jump off the Balcony so i went to warm them. They started laughing and mock me, when suddenly the bad trip started. My friend step into the balcony and said "im jumping i hate this trip" so i freak out and turn around i hear him yell like falling. And when i open my eyes he is comming out the front door. Yes it appeared my friend jump off the balcony and popped at the front door. I couldnt believe it so i locked myself in the bedroom leaving them outside when another freaskish stuff happened another of my friends go in the room trough the closet... my brain felt so confused i started to freak out. I went into the bed and closed my eye desperate of the freakish stuff happening. In the bed when i closed my eye i could c a millions of colorfull dots falling toward me... my friends they were all cans yes coca cola beer pepsi all sort of cans. I was in a sea of cans swimming, after desperatly trying to swim on them they became cigarett filters and then i open my eyes. I was in the bed and i felt like people were on top of me like and orgy but it was only the sheets. So i closed my eyes again and i saw a figure of myself breaking in parts. My mouth flying to a side and earts etc... My friends went into the room and said not to go apart cause i would go in a bad trip i went like "bitches im alrdy in it" so i come out of the room and started drawing. The funny thing is wut appeare to us to be a magical kingdom of drawing with shrooms and a big castle was all lines around and mushrooms and a pathetic castle after the trip. After like 1hr of doing nothing but starred at our roof that had white spots comming out and looked like dancing bunnys we started watching Aqua teen hunger force and laugh our ass off. Like at 2 am i was back to normal so i hit some lines and took a 2hr trip back home.

I dont know how to classified this trip on lv so i just put lv 4. The mushrooms where pick near our campus apartment. Our tea was made boiling them so the liquids come out and then into a coup with the liptom tea bags on it. This was my first and only time shrooming it happened 2months ago and now i tell it to whoever reads this. Life seems boring now for some reason after u c so many weird stuff but franctly reality is better. I am leaving trips cause sincerly i cant write everything but other trips my friend experience was suicide(guy who "jump" from balcony i didnt explain this but i close my eyes and he just walk pass me and went out side c if neighbors was there and then i open them and saw him comming in.) Agression 2 of friends were a couple and they started fighting about the trips and 1 of them felt he was beautifull when he was looking pathetic with a bright yellow sweat shirt with a red apple in middle a green scarf some random pants and Sleeping sandals.

Anyhow hope u guyz enjoyed my trip


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