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The 4th

It all started when my friend got some shrooms for the forth of July this year (1998).

It all started when my friend got some shrooms for the forth of July this year (1998). I got to his house and he had two people sleep over and they were still sleeping so they missed out. We each woofed down a medium sized ziplock bag worth and went back to his room and played sega for reasons I dont know. His company woke up and they started to play us on sega. We played Mortal Combat 2 the whole time and around thirty minutes after I bagan I felt a strange happy feeling all over my body and I was smiling and laughing at everything. Then the real trip began, as I played the sega and watched all the deadly finishing moves to the game, I got sick and voted to go eat at Checkers. We got there and I sat down at an outside table. The theme of course is checkers so the table was painted with black and white checkers. When I looked down at the they seemed to come alive and fight each others. The white and black checkers were at war. I didnt want to get involved so I quickly left after my friends were done eating. As we walked thru a Rite Aid parking lot I had all kinds of revalations about why things are the way they are. But I got to thinking about some wierd stuff so I pusehed it all out of my head. I got on my skateboard that I was holding for a half hour without noticing and began to skate across the parking lot while my friends walked. I dont know about any of you, but I usually skate best while I am triping for some reason. Even though I forgot that I was even skating every once in a while, I still did good. When I would do a simple kickflip ( A trick where the board flips under your feet. ) it would look like a 360 flip ( A lot harder. ). I skated for what seemed like eternity and never got a drop of sweat out of me like I had some inner cooling system or something. Maybe I was just imagining myself skate. Anyway, the manager of Rite Aid came out and told me I had to leave because my skating was scaring away customers and if I fell, I would sue them, both which are complete bull shit. I told him this and he asked for my name because he was calling the cops. I told him I didnt know my name and that he wasnt gonna call anyone. Furious, he ran back in the store. My non skating friends caught up with me and we went underneath a nearby bridge to smoke a bowl. As I looked around the bridge bottom all the graffitti seemed to come alive and move around. A work of my own (Scooby with a joint in his mouth) was smoking his own joint and loving it. I didnt even care about smoking because this trip was already intense enough but I still smoked or course. After a few hits I stood up and felt all the blood rushing to my head and passed out. Luckily one of my friends caught me. When I was out I dreamed about jumping on clouds and and stars on my way to heaven. Once I got to the pearly gates everything faded to red, the black, then gray, then graffitti. I noticed that I was back under the bridge with my eyes open even though I dont remember opening them. Everyone was staring at me I and I asked them why. They told me that they had been waiting for me to take my hit from the pipe. Apparently I passed out and came to just as soon, and without knowing, I was holding the pipe for about five minutes talking about the bible. When we were done smoking I stood up slowly and we walked to another of my friends house where we watched a skateboarding video. I was amazed at all the tricks that professionals could do. My body felt as if it was jelly. I was so comfortable the whole time as if I were laying in jello. The video was definetly trippy. I remember seeing all the falls at the end and almost left when I saw the last fall. It was a kid who tried a 50-50 on a waist high rail and fell over the opposite side which about 6 feet high and he busted his head open. The video was edited so that that same fall played at least 20 time in a row. I then wanted to quit skating but or course didnt. When we left his house we went to see the annual fireworks in our city. If any of you ever get the chance to see fireworks while tripping dont pass it up. It was the most beutiful thing I have ever seen. All of the colors mixed together to make pictures and the sounds of the explosions sounding like a harmonizing music. It was all so peaceful. When I closed my eyes I could stil see the whole thinks, as if I hadnt any eye lids. that was the final peak to my trip and after comming down slept till 6:00 at night the next day.

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