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That Ball Was My Favorite

After eating an eigth each, me and my friend decided to get a ride to our school so that we could start the adventure there and trip on back to my friends place.

After eating an eigth each, me and my friend decided to get a ride to our school so that we could start the adventure there and trip on back to my friends place. Before we left his place my friend started to feel sick and things were getting dreary. I was afraid a bad trip was on its way. I tried to suppress this feeling and didn’t say anything about it. By the time we got to the school though we had started to come up and we were both getting exited again. As soon as we got out and started walking, the mushrooms started hitting us harder every second. The first thing I felt was a need to get away from the school. It was giving me bad vibes.
When we were walking away across the field I started seeing red arrows all over the ground pointing in so many directions and bending all over the place. I pictured every one of those arrows being some kid out during gym playing on that field. There was a big arrow in front of my head. As I turned my head the arrow would point that direction. But at the same time, it was the arrow that was pulling my head in that direction. Telling me where to go. Haha doublethink! We climbed this hill that goes to a cliff that overlooks the highway. It looked like there was a woven blanket covering the rock! I started thinking about a native sitting on that very rock hundreds of years ago. I could just picture two teens going off and doing mushrooms and tripping on that rock like us.
From the rock we headed down into the forest where we peaked. And holy crap did we peak! I can pinpoint the exact second where I peaked. I had a superyawn. I yawned so big that everyone and everything got sucked into it. For a split second time just froze and then in an instant everything went back to normal. For some time all we could get out was garble. We walked down the path in the forest some more. I looked behind me and where we just walked was a big smooth puddle even though the whole path was dry.
When we got out of the forest we walked by a middle school. We stopped at the basketball course and layed down in the middle getting sucked into the ground. I got up to go adventure further when I found a little foam football. It said vortex on it. I was so happy about finding this ball, it was hella fun to toss. When we got up and started walking down the street I actually spiraled the ball. I loved that ball before but when I found out that it whistled when I spiraled it I was so happy. I kept on throwing it and just booking down the street after it. When we passed a bus stop I made sure to wait for the bus for just a bit even though it was too late for it to come. My favorite song is violent femmes – waiting for the bus, so waiting for the bus that wasn’t going to come just for a bit seemed to fit. A bit after we headed back out on our adventure my friend got tired of hearing about the vortex ball. I found a suitable tree and said “I’m going to throw it in this tree, it seems like a good resting place for this ball. But if it falls back out, I’m picking it up. All right?” so I threw it then crossed my fingers so it would fall out. The ball fell back out. I ran after it like I was just reunited with an old friend. I had just started learning how to play guitar about a month or so before. I was hurting for it so bad. I just wanted to strum incoherent tunes. I realized that addresses could be read like tabs! If its 5 numbers long then e is omitted. You can play everyone’s address a different chord.
Finally we were in sight of my friends house. As we were walking across the path leading to his front door my friend books into his house. I wasn’t really paying attention to him. That was when I looked behind me and a car was pulling into the driveway. It pulled in on an angle and stopped with its bights on me. OH SHIT! It was cops! Some old people must have called about two people acting weird. I looked ahead of me to see my friend but he had already run inside! He saw them way before me and booked it into the house. My heart started to pound, I couldn’t deal with that right then. I ran up to the door, tried to find the handle on the wrong side. When I found the handle on the left I whipped open the door and slammed it behind me. When I got in the house was empty and silent. I ran through every room on the bottom floor looking for my friend. I couldn’t find him, he must have already hidden. My vision became tunneled and I was thinking, “ohhhh shit, its going down, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I ran upstairs and whipped around, nobody. I found a pile of old junk and hid behind it. The cd player upstairs was playing. The absolute worst song that could have been playing was, Eminem – Hailie’s song, “sometimes it feels like the worlds on my shoulders”. I was being as silent as possible thinking “they can’t enter the house can they? What if somehow I gave them grounds to enter by acting all heat? They will defiantly find me huddled here. I hope they don’t bring a sniffer dog to come find me. There is no way I could deal with being put in a drunk tank.” After crouching there for what seemed like an hour I decided that it had been long enough and they didn’t come in. When I opened the door at the bottom of the stairs. “BAAAAH” my friend yelled. I fell to the floor partially because he scared the shit out of me and partially because I was soo relieves that there was no cops. It still took me a while to realize there was no cops fully though “your sure there is no cops” ect…
It turns out that my other friend, who knew I was on mushrooms (he drove us to the school originally) was driving around looking for us again. He just pulled up and shone his lights on me as I happened to be getting back. He realized I thought it was cops when I ran into the house. The bastard!

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