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Tetris Evil

I better start of with some back ground info.

I better start of with some back ground info. im 17 yrs old ive done shrooms about five times but this trip report will feature my craziest trip so far.

id asked my friend (we shall call him tony) at a circus workshop at school if he wanted to do some shrooms up at his flat on the weekend. he was good for it and said hed buy some for me and his friend (jacko).
so its saturday evening and ive finshed work, i go over to tonies flat were he presents me with 15grams of columbian mushrooms. id never done columbians before im more the cubensis type, but im up for anything. tony will also be eating 15 grams of columbians and jacko who's first time it was has 30 grams of cubensis.
i munch mine down in minutes (i like the taste)
so does tony, but jacko isnt that keen on the taste so gives us both five grams of his.

we decided that some insanity is probably on the cards so we build a soft room. basically a soft room consists of a room with mattreses on the floor and pillows and teddy's and shit anyway, we just start to finish the soft room as the shrooms start taking hold. Took hold they did indeed, half an hour after consuming and my pupils are already huge my head is super fuzzy and the soft room is ready to be abused.

me and tony start lofing around the floor looking at pictures and shit, giggling like little girls, jacko has just finished munching his fungi and isnt quite feeling as childish as me and tony yet. jacko then sparks up a joint which starts what can only be described as ambulance level madness. well the weed gets smoked and me and tony are spinning out quite hard. i keep looking at tonies posters that he stole from this scientoligist place. there very weird and i made a comment about them being evil and nazist. then i remeber i had my game boy with me so i wack on the tetris and get sucked into two dimencianal lego style amusement. tonys lying on his back resembling an upside down turtle, jacko is sitting down on a duvet looking quite astonished with somthing. but he was very limited in vocab for the rest of that evening as wow,what,oh dear,lighter,badger and ok being his only words at his command.

at this point tetris is getting hard and fast and my attetion span is getting lazy and bored. i turn the evil game off and put some sonic youth on. tony and me start talking gibberish for a bit. At the time it was philosophical brilliance but due to shrooms destroying memories of anything actaully practical i cant remeber now. we were planning on writing a song but we kept forgetting to move and stuff.
it must have been about half an hour of normal level 2 randomness but then the visuals and black outs started.
i was looking from afar at tonies playstation game collection when things started getting extra strange. for some reason all the games except diehard seemed normal
die hards words kept changing i tryed reading them. id sed die hard repeatedly for two minutes until i said pie mart and for some reason it seemed in my head that the film should have been called pie mart as this was a lot cooler. i then got very angry and left the room babbling somthing about bruce willis and pies. as i left the room i sobered up without even noticing it till i sat down i think my anger had stopped the shrooms. but as soon as i landed on the seti i relised i had done quite the opposite of sobered up. at the time it felt like id broken through the barrier between control and overwhelming tripping.
my head had gone from an angry level 2 trip to a level 4 spazfest. i sat there in the sitting room by my self pointing at the tv for a while then my hands started swelling and shrinking and then crazy tunnel vision started. i started shouting words but i couldnt make sence of what i was saying. all the connections in my body that linked it toghter and allowed me to normally work had snapped.
tony came out of the soft room saying things like "oh man this is crazy shit" and "no way what ah no who ahhh"
jacko was just looking at the ground, breathing heavily.
we all sat round the tv which was off thank fuck and we all started breathing very deeply and mumbling.\
then we tryed to regain some control. without saying anything we started working as a team to get back some normality. the end product of this normality hunt was another spliff rolled and some water in glasses but the time it took to accomplish this easy task was way too long. it had just got dark outside we were about an hour and twenty minutes into tripping and the peak hadnt even got close.

as we smoked the spliff fragments of sanity came back to me and we undertook an almost normal conversation. until however i mentioned Big brother. screaming then insued from me and tony at the very notion of the bastard program. i had to go back to the soft room as big brother had triggered a bad chord in me. i tryed sleeping but bad waves of paranoia kept consuming me. visauls were scary and my head was going through thought like a blender. nothing made sence time,money,ego,outside all of these things scared me even more. i couldnt handle the soft room its intendid purpose was long gone it now only served as a harsh reminder of what years of head fucking can do to you. i went back to the sitting room. tony and jacko were playing spiderman or at least seemed to be but none of them had a control pad in there hands. i hid my face in a pillow as the glare was scaring me.

at this point i had another attempt at rectifiying my head i sat up and drunk my hole glass of water. it did fuck all so back to the pillow i went.
then out of the blue i hear a shouting outside none of it making sence. jacko had got up and had started shouting back. i had no idea what was happening i hid in my pillow saying "oh shit, oh shit" next thing i know is soem bloke in my friends apartment saying numbers and tonight a lot. he eventaully leaves. the badness had temporarily ended but to my absolute surprice we all felt the same none of us had a clue of what had happended but fro some reason we had attained half an oz of skunk. (not bad)
we had spent no money and tony and me had no clue who the man was. jacko claimed it was a dealer he knew and that he needed to sell all the weed. this at the time may have involved us going on the streets and risking our dicks in the real world. but a complete anti vote on going outside prevailed and we deciceded to sort it out tommorow. but with a head full of shrooms and half an oz of weed sitting infront of you the idea of tommorow didnt much matter.
the mood in the flat was positive and fucking confused. we decided to smoke some of the newly attained grass and see if we could sort our selves out. well some weed got smoked until i had another grenade of paranioa go of in my head sending me into one of those nightmarish introspektive david bowie listening sessions and to my surprice it took place in the soft room. the next two hours are a blur here. i remeber the cover trying to eat me, kurt kobain posters dancing, mini jesuses, me singing to school songs, matrix wall climing and formula one thought speed. during this period tony had checked up on me although he also was going crazy and was no comfort or help i didnt see jacko much but he had sold some weed to his friends who came over. eventually i came round and the shroom slowly wore of i went back into the sitting room and me and tony talked about the nights madness which started of being very hard and funny to explain then it slowly got clearer as we smoked more weed and the shrooms wore off. the time was about eleven and we had only been triiping four and a half hours which had us in hysteric's. we all crashed out still quite fuzzy but never the less able to understand the consept of sleeping.

although this was mostly a bad trip for me it hasnt put me off shrooms. ive since had a very good 30 gram cubensis trip at the beach which was completely resuring in the might fungi posses and respect shrooms must be given.
i advise anyone to try shrooms but timing and dosage are the key point to be taken into consideration before shrooming. have fun with fungi kids till next time this is dr gonzo over and out.

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