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first time trippers

It was a Monday night and my boyfriend and I wanted to get high.

It was a Monday night and my boyfriend and I wanted to get high. First we were just going to smoke a joint but then we realized we didn't have enough. So we called up a friend but all he had were shrooms. We decided what the hell and went and picked up a quarter of shrooms.

At 7:30pm we gulped down 2 grams of shrooms each. We layed around in bed and kept thinking "When is this shit going to hit us". Around an hour later we started laughing our asses off. We sat in Chris' room for awhile and then decided that we would go outside for a smoke. This is when it all began.

We got outside and all of a sudden I saw Chris' porch turn colours and decided I couldn't step on the porch or else it would eat me. I ended up staying on the little rug so nothing would eat me. We continued to drink pop because we kept having a feeling of beer in our mouths. Chris took a gulp of pop and all of a sudden sprayed it all over the chairs.

Every room or place we went too turned into a new dimention for us both. Our car being the most fucked up place we ended up in. We sat in the car for something like 20 minutes scared to get out because we thought we were in some kind of horror flick. We believed that two cats that were near the car had been taken over by aliens. As did Chris' porch and the lights from some peoples homes. Mean while the whole time we were tripping Chris was crying. He couldn't stop himself and he continuously collapsed to the ground if I wasn't near him.

Our arms froze when they got into certain lights. We felt numb all over and like we couldn't move our bodies without the others help.

The most fucked up thing I saw while tripping though was the one cat morphing into two. I believe the most fucked up thing Chris saw or heard was the outside of the house telling him to fall off the banister. I also kept being possessed by an evil being. I would go into a corner of Chris' house and look through some glass and start talking in a low creepy voice.

We had lots of fucked up things happen to us but I don't want to write them all down or else we all would be here forever. So I will leave our first trip at this.

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