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Tentacle Trees!

The day started out super!

The day started out super! The kind of day fairy tails are made of, it was sunny and everything was right and happy with the world! One of my buds suggested that I try shrooms... she couldn’t that day, cuz she was driving... so I took some... we drove around for a bit and I was starting to feel "happy". Then we decided to go to the pet store... I took a cat out and started walking around when suddenly I forgot how to use my legs and fell on the ground, quickly remembering that I was in public I got up, ran to the cat cage, threw the cat in, grabbed my friend and high tailed it out if the store to her car. Driving was an adventure when I was tripping, we were going down hills that I thought would go on forever, around curves that made me feel like I was going through the car door, and stopping made me feel like I was going to launch out of the car and fly away! Then we stopped at subway, where, when I tried to get out of the car, the ground was moving like a wave and I couldn’t get good footing. so I stumbled into subway and immediately got sucked into the wall paper, which was moving, its difficult to describe this movement, it was kinda like there were big circles and little circles that were eating each other, but there were numerous layers, it was crazy, I’m pretty sure I stared at the wall for about a half hour, then we left subway and went to my buds bf's apartment. One should NEVER go there when on mushrooms! The place is full of paintings by Dali and different finger paintings that they did when they were bored. the first thing that happened when I walked onto the apartment was, you know in movies when they go ahead in time really fast and you see the sun rising and setting at a rapid pace? Well that happened, bright dark bright dark over and over, then I looked at the walls and the paintings were melting into each other colors coming together and swirling and liquefying and swirling some more I couldn’t look at it was too crazy so I closed my eyes only to discover that the same thing was happening inside my head! There was no escaping the swirls of color! I looked to my friend for support only to discover her face, and then I looked at everyone’s faces, oh how I stared at faces! I could see through them! I could see veins moving and pumping, I could see the muscles flexing, if I looked long enough I eventually started to hear heart beats going with the rhythm of the pumping of the veins, I would try to touch someone’s face but then it would turn a brighter angrier color and I would move my hand away in fear! Then we went back outside and it was nighttime! The world is a different place at night! Different and scary! There were shadows everywhere. Moving, jumping shadows every where I looked! And the trees, oh the trees were horrible!!! they had transformed into mutant trees with tentacles that were coming towards me, I made my friend walk between me and the trees at all times cuz I was scared that the tentacles would get to me and crush me! We went to the car and drove to get a drum, I didn’t go into the store cuz I was scared to leave the car, in hindsight I probably should have gone with them and left the scary parking lot because it was the worst place in the world! There was an air conditioner in a window that had, I think it was a piece of tinfoil or something equally shiny stuck to it, I wanted to figure out what it was, but as I gazed it to the shimmering surface things started to shift, the tinfoil-ish substance started to take a different shape, morph if you will into a spider like creature with an oval shaped head and insane legs that were going everywhere at once, the most memorable part of this organism though was its mouth, this smiling mouth with the pointy-iest most plentiful teeth I had ever seen in my life, and the more frightened I got, the bigger and smiley-er the mouth got. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t real. that it was in my mind, and for a while it worked, the demon spider like creature shrank and almost went away, until I looked out the other car window towards the trees, their tentacles were growing at an accelerated speed and coming at me fast! The fear inside my exploded and when I looked back at the air conditioner, the spider was huge! Laughing at me and coming in my general direction! I was terrified! Then after what felt like hours (I was later informed that it was only about 20 minutes) my friends came back from the store, the spider ran away but the memory was still in my brain, I was now different from them, they hadn’t witnessed the monstrous-ness of that creature, they would never know the terror I felt. I wanted nothing more than to be away from them, in solitude where I could sort out the confusion of everything that I was seeing. But they saw what a wreck I was and didn’t let me be alone for the rest of the night. I started to come down a little bit after they returned, the visually stopped, although the loneliness, separation and sadness didn’t go away until I woke up the next morning. So what started out as an amazing fun adventure, turned out, in truth, as an amazing adventure.... but the scary kind, the kind I would much rather live without!

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