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This trip was long and it happened two years ago.

This trip was long and it happened two years ago. I ate 8 big fresh shrooms one saturday night. This report may seem long but I want to incorporate as many aspects as I can. I ate the shrooms chewed them up and swallowed them down, they tasted very meaty and earthy, I didn't mind the taste at all but it did take a while to eat them. It was about 8:45 and in the summer. I lifted weights for about a half hour or more, I was very strong and did not weaken at all I did about 100 reps of 100#s on the bench and did quite a few curls, pushups and so on. I went up to shower, I didn't notice any tripping yet, I think it was because I was working out. I took the shower and dedcided to go for a walk. I told my mom I was going for a walk and off I went. I walked down our suburban roads and then the main road about 200 meters and just started to look at things. I didn't start to trip yet, so I kept walking. I think balancing my trip with the workout and continual walking allowed me to experience my trip better but probably wasn't the best idea to leave the house alone just about to trip hard. The first thing I noticed was an Iguana, it was about 2.5 feet long and just not moving too lmuch just turning its head and looking around sometimes. I flipped out, I went up and examined it closer and it turned out to be an empty cardboard 24 case of beer. I crossed the street, I was now on some residential streets by the way, and I kept on walking. So now I stopped by a lamppost someone had next to there driveway, I saw pixies twirling around, I think I talked to them for a little bit and saw pixies in the streetlights as well. I walked further and soon everything began to take on its own form, for once I thought I could see things for what they were, in a whole new light. I was appreciative of everything. The pavement turned into water, things I had not apreciated before once again had meaning, I was thankful for its simplistic beauty. As I walked I saw some cars they were looking at me. They were scary a little, but I said to my-self all I had to fear was a bad trip so I continued my walk. I was obout a mile from my house at this point and it was probable about 11:15PM And the trip was just getting started. Every plant looked different. I saw some plants by the road and they were like little furry animals. I just kept walking and thought I was a huge mushroom, just wobbling my head as I walked. I ended walking towards my friends house, about 5 miles away. This continued for a while, until I came to a tree. I looked under the tree and found a bitter green walnut. I took it with me and went to my friends place, he wasn't there so I chilled out, I didn't want someone stealing anything since it was open, I thought he would be back soon. I chilled there on the couch for awhile, looking at posters and stuff. I bit into the walnut, bad Idea! I think it was rancid, I guess I will never know, but it was horrible. I spit it out the drank some water. Then My buddy came by and we hung out for a while. I told him some of the story on the way over, the pavement becomeing water, the cars watching me, half the trip. They gave me some water and OJ and it was cool for a while. After a while my buddy sent me home he had to go to bed, I had to go home. The second part of the trip starts here. I was walking home and same usual stuff happens, I see things like small plants or tree leaves and they facinate me I see the veining clearly on every leaf. I got kind of tired so I just lay on the bank of a detention pond(the pond is just grass it fills with water to avoid flooding) The stars lined up in a circle and I watced them for a while, the starse floated around in a circle and the grass and air was cool. Getting stopped by a cop. A patrol car stopped along the road I was walking on I was about 3 miles from home at this point. As I walked past the car the cop flashed his brights on me and I was stunned by the bright lights. I quickly recovered and spoke to him. I was polite, addressed him as officer, and anwered his questions clearly. Although when he asked what I was doing, I just told him I was out walking. One problem, I was talking to the passenger side seat at first. It turned out that I was talking directly into a mass of black cables and a shell of a seat, the officer meanwhile was in the driver side seat after I looked at him instead and treated him with respect he allowed me to leave. I continued to walk home, no worries. I sat down for a while under some bushes after I had walked a few more blocks, but got up since the mosquitoes were bothering me. As I walked further towards home, I saw a giant peach up beyond the trees. It turned out to me the moon rising late that night. I got home and went to bed, I saw colors and intense visuals before falling into a very refreshing slumber. The next moring I was myself again, but still having small hallucinations, like thinking things were alive, like I went to a party the next day and it was cool and I saw this trophy antelope head on the wall and I thought it was real. I have taken on the eyes of when you trip what you see, and this I belive is important, to be able to come away from a trip with something, to be able to see things in a new light.
The quality of my trip was a Level 5. The intensity was not much less than a Level 5, But I was able to appreciate the trip and remember it, interact with others so it was worth-while.

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