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Temporary Insanity

This was my first time shrooming.

This was my first time shrooming. It takes place back in the Fall of 2001 (around September).

The plan was for my friends and I to kick it at my house, smoke some weed and eat some shrooms. We were already high and had just taken the shrooms. I took about an eighth and went upstairs and drank all of the orange juice I had in my house. I went back downstairs and sat in my truck with a couple of friends.

Because I didn't smoke weed that often, I always got tired after smoking, so I started drifting to sleep. My dad told me that my friends weren't allowed over so they ended up getting picked up and taken to Mike's house. As they were leaving, I began to fall asleep and finally passed out in the truck. Briefly waking up, I walked upstairs to my bedroom and went back to sleep, forgetting that I had taken mushrooms.

I remember seeing pastel colors and something almost like muppet characters dancing around on an old fashioned stage (almost like the way tv used to be back in the 80's where the picture color isn't as sharp). When I opened my eyes, I saw the frame of my window and noticed side images of a man in a business suit was what made the borders of the window frame. There was a knock on the front door so I had to open it since everyone else was alseep in the house.

When I walked out of my room and into the living room, I saw mushrooms with tall stems next to the entertainment center. All of these things were strange to me seeing as that I forgot I took mushrooms. I opened the door and let my friend Matt in. We went in my room and started tripping (he was on 3/8 of shrooms!).

Frequently forgetting time, I noticed all I was able to concentrate on was him making about a half a second of motions and sounds and then trading off to me making about a half a second of motions and sounds and then back to him. When I noticed this going on, I'd break my self from the pattern and say "Whoa." Then I'd get the chills and ask him what was going on.

After this had gone on for a while, I thought Matt had turned us into old ladies. I pulled out of that trip and told Matt to stop fucking with me. He laughed and told me he wasn't. I was freaked out so I left the room and went into my sisters room and told her that Matt was fucking with me. That's when my sister and her boy friend started playing the half second motion and sounds game with me too!

I said to her "You're doing it too!" and walked out of their bedroom and out of the house. As I was about to walk downstairs to my truck, I saw my cat and she saw me. We stared at each other and she started playing the half second motion game with me as well. I started trippin' hard after this all happened. This is where I felt temporarily insane. (read on!)

Halfway down the stairs I paused and got stuck. I probably had another trip but I can't remember it. I got downstairs and almost made it into my truck but a cop or ambulance drove by with their lights flashing so I hid for a while, then got in the bed of the truck. I have a camper shell and a bean bag in it so I was pretty comfortable. I didn't want to trip nor could I remember why I was trippin' so I just wanted to fall asleep again. This was a big mistake!

I had contradictory thoughts running over and over in my head. It worked like this - one thought (such as confusion) would enter my head. The more I tried thinking about that thought, I would have another thought (laughter) and when I would think about that one I'd hear me say "Didn't I just..." and it would go to fear, then concentration, then laughter again and I couldn't get a hold of what I was thinking. I remember one time I almost got a hold of the feeling, but it was fear and confusion so the thoughts slowed down and it felt like a low sloping curve in my head. I don't remember when I broke out of this but I remember thinking that days and nights were passing and that something entered my life and stuck me in this state of mind forever.

I thought to myself "Alright who am I? What am I doing?" That's when I remembered about work. I hated working and that's why I wanted to trip (to get away from normal life and work). Then I remembered I was on mushrooms and told myself "I'd much rather be tripping than working.

I think I finally fell asleep and woke up in the back of the truck. I had never felt insanity, but this is what I think it was. I had another trip much more near-death like but that was when I hippy flipped (mushrooms and ecstacy).

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