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Tea Time

Unexpected is what this trip was.

Unexpected is what this trip was.
First let me give you a little background on myself, I'm 37 and have been tripping since I was 16.
In the past year i've tripped 7 times ranging from 20 grams wet too 5 grams dry. I've only have had two bad trips in the last year the time i did 20 grams wet and this time.
This was the first time i have tried mushroom tea. I was going too go for a hard trip 5 grams but was a little worried that it would be wasted. So I took only 2.5 grams put it in a zip lock bag crushed it, then put it in my tea cup. Too this i added one cup of just boiled water and a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice. I let it steep for 15 minutes then strained with a coffee filter. In doing so i managed too spill a good fifth of it.
Not bothering too add any flavouring too it i just chugged it down then repeated the process refilling the cup with just boiled water and lemon juice, and again letting it steep for 15 min.
Before i could start drinking the second cup I lost my mind. Just like someone threw a switch. Evey time before when i've just eaten the sh-rooms its taken about an hour just too start too feel some effects and two hours before i peaked. Not so this time.
By the time i finished the second cup i was peaking. The come up was so strong it just blew me away, I remember thinking that this could not be happening i had just taken 2.5 grams and was tripping harder then the last time when i had done 4.5 grams.
I went outside and watch clouds change shape, watching this made me want too laugh but i knew that if i started laughing i would not be able too stop (if i had this would have been a good trip I'm sure) so instead I fought too remain in control, bad mistake. I wanted too scream i was cold and hot at the same time. My thoughts no longer made any sense and i was scared that i would never be able too think straight again. The centre of evey bad trip ive had. Also I started too become different people, no joke i really did not know who i was at this point. This went on for the first two hours of my trip. The best way too explain it is like a dream where anything can and will happen and u have no control over it.
In a moment of lucidity I became aware of myself and what i had done (SH-ROOMS). Deciding too take my mind off my trip i tried reading. Again i found myself at the edge of hysterical laughter. This time i went with it had a good laugh and felt a lot better (i finley let myself go)
Thinking the bad trip was over I tried watching tv and back too hell i went. Why i haven't a clue but i loosing myself again so i returned too my book, weirdly enough reading would send me back into hysterical laughter. This is how i spent the last two hours of my trip reading one word then laughing like crazy for no good reason.
Without question the weirdest trip i've ever been on. In retrospect i realize that by making tea the psilocybin was absorbed almost at once. This might explain why such a small amount 2.5 grams (weighted on a triple beam scale that i have used every time and i always double check) sent me tripping as hard as when ive done 5.0 grams.
Will i make tea again? You bet your sweet ass i will lol. While it takes only 1/8 the time too hit you 15min vs 2 hours the trip time is the same 4 hours. I drank the tea at 545 and was down enough too sleep by 10. The come down also was a lot faster with tea then just eating it, a fact that i appreciated last night.
This morning i feel great on some trips ive had headaches or sore eyes this time i feel no ill effects at all.
One thing i did learn from this is that making tea does not decrease the potency of sh-rooms!

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