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talking with buddah

well this was my first shroom experience, and definitely will not be my last.

well this was my first shroom experience, and definitely will not be my last. i had 3 grams mixed into a chocolate bar. i was at my friends house and we were watching "for fear and loathing in las vegas". about a half hour into the movie i started to feel the shrooms. i would move my arm and i could only see it as wind/air. i began to think that i was a puddle of water and kept swaying back and forth. i was watching the movie as if i was a part of it and i was the only one around even though there was 5 other people, and only one other person tripping like i was. after a while i had to go to the bathroom and as you walk into the bathroom the mirror is right in front of you and i stopped and just looked at myself in the mirror for about 30 minutes (they stopped the movie for me). it was like i knew the person but then again i didn't. i would stand still, or so i thought and the person in the mirror would still be moving. she was beautiful and graceful. the background in the mirror was a mixture of bright exotic colors that i had never seen before. i had about a 20 minute bad trip where i saw my friend murdered. all the muscles in my body were so tight that it hurt but i couldn't relax. when the movie was over i went to my friends house and slept in his basement. there was a window that showed light up on the television. i stared into the light for an hour and then a blue buddah was sitting on top of the t.v. we were talking but not with words. it was strange. i began to feel like i was in the middle of our solar system and buddah was explaining to me all the theories of life. and it was like he knew me better than i knew myself. i always was fasinated by mushroom and then when i was 11 or so i found out that they could produce this trip, i wanted to do it so badly. i am almost 17 and finally did it. and i am planning to do it again.

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