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First Time Tripper

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-this is my first time trippin, Luke’s tripped about 15 times before and has done LSD twice.
My first time trippin was on St. Patrick’s Day 2000, which was not a very good idea, as I later found out there are many cops looking for DUI’s on this day. My friend Luke and I had just bought a ¼ oz of shrooms on Friday, and we waited until my friend’s parents left his house the next day so we could comfortably trip there.
Sat about 1 we met up there with empty stomachs and ingested 2 caps and Luke had 3 stems and I had 2. Luke told me that would be enough to ‘trip balls’ for the both of us. We still had over ½ of our ¼ left over. It’s about 130 now and absolutely nothing has happened for either of us. Luke said they looked good and tasted normal,(like shit) and they did. We waited till 2and nothing happened. We each put 1 stem and 1 small cap cut up in orange juice and we chugged that. About 45 mins after that I started to feel a bit giddy but that was it. No visuals no body buzz, I just felt like I was about to trip.
At about 3 o’clock we decided just to finish the bag, which was about ½ full still. We ate that all waited for what seemed like forever and nothing happened. I was pissed off that we got ripped off. We called the dude we bought them from and said we wanted our money back or a new sack or something. He said that he would give us another ¼ oz if we didn’t feel anything at all, Luke had been a friend with him for a while.
We finally went back to my house a little bit after 4 or so, I don’t remember all that well, and went into my room to call people to figure out what I was going to do that night. All of the sudden while I was calling up my friend Jake Luke started laughing and said that he thought they were about to work. I said shit that sucks I don’t feel anything. I had some bud so I decided I would grab that and just go smoke tonight. We went to this place not more than 2 mins away from my house to start smoking, its right it the woods so we felt safe there(we live in MI so its not hard to find woods).
We started smoking out of my bowl and got about ½ way through it when I realized I was really really high. I looked outside my car window and all of the trees outside were swaying like they were made of rubber or something like that. I started laughing my ass off and Luke did too. He told me I was now tripping. I looked in the mirror and sure enough my pupils we big as fuck. We finished the bowl, that was all I had left, and as soon as we did we saw a cop coming down the street. Shit I thought, what am I doing driving while I am tripping. I drove terribly away I thought. The cop was at the opposite end of the street heading in the opposite direction we were, we were destined to meet up on the 2-lane road. We were both scared as fuck. As soon as the cop car passed us I thought we were safe because it pulled into a driveway off the side of the road. But I was wrong; the cop turned around and began to follow us.
Never been more scared in my life. We drove for so long slow as hell, probably 5-10mph under the speed limit the whole way until we got to a Meijer's store (grocery chain store in MI) where we pulled in and the cop finally stopped following us. We decided to go into Meijer's to get some food because we had terrible cotton-mouth. We somehow got to the food court in meijers and I just started laughing. That’s all I did while Luke ate. I couldn’t eat anything because I choked trying to drink pop I was laughing so hard. It seemed to me like I heard every sound going on at once in that huge store. The walls started to breath and the tile on the floor seemed to just start falling into itself. By that time we had been sitting down for about 5 mins and there were people starting to sit around Luke and i. All I could do was look at them and laugh. Luke was getting paranoid, as was I, because I was laughing so had out loud with my eyes closed because every time I opened my eyes I’d laugh harder. We finally left, and on the way out every person near the food court stared at me as I walked out. Or at least I thought so because I was tripping. We went to my car and Luke told me I had laughed almost uncontrollably for more than 15 mins.
We sat in my car that I just had a system put in and listened to music, which sounded more real than it ever had for me before. We did that for about an hour just listening to music in the parking lot. We got back to my friend’s house around 7 and he told us he was going to have a party that night, so people would be coming over in a few hours. We then sat in front of his fire place just staring into it watching the flames make patterns, faces, etc. the trip then wore off slowly over the next hour or so. Shortly after that people came over and we both started drinking.
That trip was one of the enjoyable times of my life. It’s been more than a ½ year since I've tripped. I plan on doing shrooms again soon, hopefully with better shrooms. -later

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