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talking to all

This is the story of the most potent shrooms i ever had.

This is the story of the most potent shrooms i ever had.!! While depressed!!
I got off work one day and decided that I wanted to venture deep into my mind, as i consider
myself a modern nietszche, and the only way i could achieve this was with psychadelics.
So i went to my friends(dealer) house and bought only 3 grams. I figured "ah it wont do much".
But i was indeed wrong. I took them home and scarfed them down with orange juice even though
they tasted like french fries. For an hour and a half nothing was happening and i was getting
pissed off with the very little patience i had. All the sudden the phone rang and it was my friend
jordan. "Were having a band practice in 10 minutes" he said. so i got over there and took out my
guitar and tuned up and started too jam. I started to get light headed, "sweet" i thought theyre
finally kicking in. I strummed my "E" string and it said "phuck you" so i started to laugh cause
i never had my guitar swear at me before. Everything all the sudden started to mess up BAD.
The sounds where no longer audible, instead of hearing them they were coming out as colors
and smacking me in the face, I looked down and my hands were melted with the guitar, there was
nothing past my wrists except melted hands. So i panicked a bit and ran to the bathroom. I stared
in the mirror at my reflection for ten minutes when all the sudden i seen some thing under
the skin of my neck crawling up and trying to get out. I gagged and a little alien head popped out
of my mouth about one foot out and i sucked it back down, thinking that i needed it inside me.
I was freakin out when i went back to the band room and said i have to go home. so jordan
started the car and we were off. The car stereo was talking weather reports and the sound it made
was unbearable to my ears, it felt as if it was surrounding me and trying to suck me in.
So i shut it off and looked at jordan, his head was huge like a watermelon full grown wich was
kind of funny. But i said nothing and started to shake uncontrollably ,"shit im going to convulse"
i said and thats when it got worse. My mouth was so dry and nothing was real any more except
my mouth so i followed my lips and they lead me to my brothers bedroom after i got out of the
car. I looked at him and started to tell him what a bad trip i was having. I could not control anything,
anymore and my equilibrium was messed so bad so i lied down on his bed and closed my eyes.
Wow what a light show.. Shapes that defied all were hurtling at my head giving me grand knowledge
of all. I was about to puke so i opened my eyes and started playing my brothers playstation, which
he had to set up for me and when he handed me the controller he muttered "the world is at your
fingertips" as a joke. But it wasnt funny cause it made me get messed up more so, as the controller
started melting to my hands i couldnot concentrate at all. I started to talk out loud about ingenious
"truths" that i have never even heard of before. My mouth started to turn to a puddle of water and
my words became liquid as i spit them out. The walls were breathing and i heard my dogs heart
beating so loud that i had to plug my ears. I lied down again and looked at the ceiling as it had turned
to water and started dripping down the walls which were still breathing. A face appeared in
the ceiling and i recognized it as the face of god. I thought "oh shit im going to die now" cause i
looked upon the face of god. I pulled the blanket over my face and began saying dont take me now
im not ready to die. I then got this mild stoned like feeling wich made me relax a bit and then i thought
it was over. My blanket kept trying to get off me by itself as if it had a mind of its own.
And thats about it. I learned that emotions are the most strongest things in the universe.

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