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Talking Grass

It was in December with alot of x-mas lights so it seemed like a good time to trip on the decorations.

It was in December with alot of x-mas lights so it seemed like a good time to trip on the decorations. It took about 30 minutes to make me realize the effects were coming on because flowers were appearing on the curbs but actually they were really skid marks. We went to the lake and the outdoors seemed so alive. Stars were coming at me I could see all the constelations I could never see sober (I know that astromomers had to have been on a trip!) Then as we drove on to the house we just sat in the car because it felt like a boat rocking back and fourth, then I could hear like a faint whispering that didn't make any sense but I thought I could understand it. Then as I got outside the grass formed all these letters spelling things out for me to read I wanted to be left alone with the grass to have a "talk" because it was upset with being mistreated and always stepped all over. I promised to respect grass since it told me they are living too. I spent a good few hours talking with the grass and watching it grow in front of me. Then we went to get some Floyd videos which was a mistake to go in the public trippin out everyone was following me so I just started running out to get away but I guess they thought I was shoplifting so they chased me to find I didn't do anything!!We tripped on the videos a while until I went to the bathroom to get totally consumed with the mirror. I stared at myself age to at least 80 years old (Scary!!)I guess now I know what I'll look like old huh?I thought I had come down enough to drive home so I left and felt okay until I pulled in the driveway to see the wooden fence making faces at me and waving happy for me to be home I ended up spending another hour staring and talking to the fence. It was getting late so I headed in and still couldn't sleep so I just stared at the clock as it ticked backwards until I fell asleep. It was a cool trip I learned that grass gets hurt too when stepped on they even told me so! And I could be an astronomer when I trip! I don't want to grow old I'm not a very cute looking grandma!

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