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Taco Hell

I Had grown some shrooms so i decided to try my first batch.

I Had grown some shrooms so i decided to try my first batch. I ate 3 and a half to 4 grams, my first time in over 5 years. I got up around noon on Sat Dec 26 ingested the shrooms around 1:40 after I had some taco bell. That was a mistake. I was sick for 2 hours( stomach cramps!) I did'nt know if it was the taco's or the shrooms. I tried to puke but could'nt . I began thinking maybe I had eaten a bad shroom, oh no I'm poisoned .and I'm going to die. I began feeling better after drinking beer .Then I started to peak " oh my god here it comes" I was layed back in my chair for another 2 hours seeing all kinds of stuff . When i looked at someone there arms and legs were made out of numbers and letters. Then I yawned with my eyes closed and my skull split in two as I leaned back in my chair.and a white light came from my skull. My hearing was going from ear to ear ( mono to stereo) Then I heard sirens I thought they were coming to get me . It was on the tv. I had also seen a white light in the upper corner of the room .I don't know if it was my spirit or my aura or God. It was kind of like all 3 rolled into one.That was my first trip in 5 years .Next time I'll dose lower!!!

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