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swimming the world

Well, The moment has finally arrived for me.

Well, The moment has finally arrived for me. Quite a surpirise my parents told me. You see I have started growing my shrooms from April 9th. Thats the day I inoculated 12 1/2 pint jars with 6 of them being pf's brand syringe and 6 of them being pf's equador syringe. I had 3.75g dried of these beauties and all I needed was the right time to do it. Wednesday night my parents informed me they were to visit my fathers brother in another state for a wedding this weekend. This was it. Afew of my friends had planned a birthday party for our friend M. Many people were to attend and the place we were going to have it at was a tiny apartment. So I told them to forget that, my parents are out of town, we have a pool, patio, and a sweet ass sound sytem, blacklights, strobe lights, laser lights, and plenty of bedrooms. The list was Me (shrooming), E (lsd), M (ecstacy), J (pot and alcohol) and many others who were basically drinking or smoking. But I was shrooming. My first time from my first batch of shrooms. I had no clue of what to expect. I got the blender out. Tossed the shrooms in there with some OJ, blended, and imbibed. My frind M just took two X pills. It was only me and him at this time, so we went out back by the pool and waited for the effects. M and I knew what feeling he was waiting for as we both have done X many times before. But for me I didn't know what was to come first. I've read around the shroomery and such about the first effects and what to expect. A mild stoning effect, nausiated tummy. And thats what occured to me about 45 minutes after ingesting the drug.
More and more people stared showing up. And as time went on I lost track of it and eventually it became meaningless. I remember a group of us taking to my bed in my room and two girls and my friend J were laying on it. I was on the floor as I have a girlfriend and was not going to jeopordize our relationship. I also have many of those glow in the dark stars placed about my room and looked SOOOO freaky after staring at it for a while. Many of the stars were spinning about, and falling towards me. But I felt comfortable. The three one the bed had thought they were the only ones in my room and had forgot about me. So I believe they started going at it. I got freaked then. What if I scared them and they pulled a gun on me, or what if they wanted me to join. I couldn't do that to my girlfriend. Then thoughts of the outdoors and my pool drew me to my patio. as I got up and walked out the door, as soon as I closed it I could hear them..."what the hell..." "who was that". And as soon as I slammed the door I an down the hallway in a histerical, seemingly endless laughter. I grabbed my smokes and join the people on the back patio (with a huge grin still on my face). The effort it took to keep my face straight was very difficult. But I lit my smoke and sat back next to my friend E who was trippin on lsd.
I do remember that I was the only one there on shrooms and the only on who has ever done shrooms there. Everyone kept asking me what is it like. What am I seeing. I didn't want to tell them the truth. That I beleived I could read their minds. Which wasn't true but as I looked about the group I knew who was who and who was thinking what. They had plotted to throw birthday rolling boy M in the pool for a present. They did he enjoyed it. I decided that, hey, I wanna swim in that vast liquid. I eventually made it inside. Stopping about every three feet trying to remember where I was going and what I was doing. So about thirty mintus later I made it to my room I removed my shoes, and another thirty minutes later I had my swim trunks on and was ready for the water. I kept hesitating to get in, My friend M said the water was great (keep in mind he was on E, so a tiger nibbling on his arm would be great to him). So eventually I got in I remember that while I was in the pool my trip was starting to peakI started to feel invincible. Nothing could hurt me. I got out very suddenly and unknowingly ran to my bathroom, turned the bath water on and proceded to take a bath in the dark. My trip was at it's peak The bathroom was totally dark. I filled the tub up with warm water and then switched the shower on. I had so many thoughts 3 dimensional graphics would appear with my eyes open and closes. i felt like i was traveling down a love tube in many different colorsstopping to see where i was. All my senses were dead at one point except my sight and hearing which were at they're max potential. I still felt invincible more so than ever. I truly had a near death experience. No in the fact that I was almost killed but that there was nothing else in the world that mattered, except my girlfriend. I tried my hardest to read her mind. She was the only person i saw in my mind. I imagined having mind blowing sex with her. And this thought was unstopable. I took trips inside her body, across her skin, and even through her veins and nerves. This experience was halted by a few of my friends pounding at the door. I couldn't make out what they were saying but I knew it was important So I drained the tub and dried off and went out to visit some more.
Now I have two dogs a Lab and a Rat Terrier. Ones 80lbs, the other is about 10lbs. I frolicked about on the floor with them for a while, enjoying their canine delights. I was trying so hard to get them to talk to me but it never happend.
All in all the night was an experience not to be forgoten. Next time I would like to try it with my girlfriend and maybe have sex for a while.

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