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Sweet Trip

It was a friday night and I had just got out of school.

It was a friday night and I had just got out of school. Me and some friends decided it would be awesome to do some mushrooms for a change. Personally I happen to love shrooms and do them all the time but this wasn't the case for my friends. So we all went to my dealers place and bought a bunch of shrooms. I bought 7g and at the time I wished I had bought more but soon I would find that these were quite enough. At about seven o'clock we all popped are shrooms. I don't like to mix the mushrooms with other food because I like my doses to be pure and potent. I usually have a glass of water though to help me wash them down. I really hate the taste but it is just a sacrifice I'm willing to make. About ten minutes after I choked them all down I began to feel quite intoxicated. I felt like I was falling down and there was no end to it. Usually it takes me up to 20-40 minutes until I feel the efects. So already I knew this was going to be a killer trip. We were all sitting and playing some super mario world (super nintendo) when the visuals hit me. The little red mario started to change color and shape and then the game was just to hard for me to keep up with. I was just content to sit and watch the game. My friends had taken much smaller doses than I did (about 2-4g each). They were laughing uncontrolably and I was just trippin' like no other. I was looking at the walls change shape and the knots in the wood move like clouds. In my room I have this System of a Down poster with lots of little mushroom people and an elephant. And we were listening to the new korn album (the last song). The little mushroom people started to talk to me and I thought this was the coolest thing. But soon the visuals were tremedous and too much for me. Now the mushrooms were marching towards me with the elephant. They coming out of the poster and everything. This was just the begining of my huge 8.5 hour trip. Soon the visuals were out of control and nothing at all looked normal even if I wasn't looking at it. This was just too cool but at the same time i was losing control.I just couldn't do anything. If I got up to try and walk I would instantly fall right back down. My friends were now just being completely stupid and I couldn't understand it and yet it seemed I was a spirit up and out of my body and in another world watching some dumbasses laugh and do the stupidest things. This was quite a weird feeling, as you could imagine, and yet I loved it. Soon I was in a dreamworld and I could not desifer between the real world and my fucked up one. I felt like I was insane and slowly getting madder and madder. But yet I was not freaking out it was as if I had excepted it and didn't care at all. Soon i too was doing some fucked up shit but it still seemed as if I was watching some stranger do it. I had no identity and couldn't remember who i was. Still there were awesome visuals and everything was completely messed up beyond recognition. I did not like being around people even if they were my best friend i had to escape! I grabbed the key and went to the elementary scool which was just around the corner. The walk there was amazing I kept seeing things like bright colors in the dark and the stars were moving as if they were in a whirlpool. The moons craters turned into faces and rippled. I kept seeing a little black shadow of a person. It was following me, hunting me in the dark. This freaked the shit out of me I tried to lose it but it was always creaping out behind from parked cars and trees. I started to run but I slipped on a patch of ice and layed there staring at the sky. Time was something I just couldn't comprehend. I was propably there on the freezing ice for about two hours. I didn't have a care in the world but then I felt tremendously could as I was only wearing shorts and a hoodie. I grabbed my key and went back to my house but I could not open my door. I tried and tired but i just couldn't use the key it was just too complex at the time and I was still tripping out as much as I was when the little mushroom people were marching out of their poster. I gave up and sat outside my door not thinking to tapp the window where my friends were. I did not really care though because the sky was just too cool with all the stars and shit. It was like a kalidiscope. About an hour after that my friends decided to venture out and look for me. They saw me there and started to burst out laughing. I also was laughing because I was glad to be with someone and not all alone in the cold. We went back inside and that is when the effects started to wear off and we all passed out on the floor watching lord of the rings.

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