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Sweet Jesus

I got out of school early, and decided to talk to one of my friends before I left about getting some shrooms.

I got out of school early, and decided to talk to one of my friends before I left about getting some shrooms. He said he had some that he could give me if I'd be home for him to call. I get home and listen to alittle music and before I know it the phone starts ringing. He had the shrooms for me so I went and picked them up. After picking them up I came home and went straight to my bedroom. I planned on waiting for awhile before eating them because none of my friends could stop by, they were to busy. I wait till about 6 o'clock and then I started eating some parts of a huge stem. it was bruised blue on both ends. I ate part of the stem then went down stairs and got a glass of OJ and took 2 vitamin C pills (2,000mg worth). Then I went back up stairs and starting eating the rest, I was worried this wouldn't be enough. Oh god was I wrong, about 15minutes later I started feeling extreme bodily excitement. Then all of a sudden it just hit me like a damn brickwall. Everything started to sway back and forth...back and forth. Then I was like, "Sweet Jesus, this is a damn trip!". I then looked at my door and it arced into almost an S. I was like alright, the wonderful drug was starting to take hold. So I decided to flip on my tv, to my dismay I couldnt watch any channel. Everything was all animated an smeared, then came the trails. My god I could barely watch Seinfeld, George and kramer were like trailing blobs. Shit man, this was great! I started to feel abit light headed, I decided to take a trip downstairs. I started to feel abit sick, I kept talking to myself. "Don't let the bad vibes get you man, its happy time.", "Am I going crazy, HA! No way!". Menacing vibrations were all around man, I sat to watch more tv...couldn't do it. I stood up to stare across the hallway to a room with flower wallpaper, amazing visuals came from this. Every time I took a step forward the flowers would get bigger and bigger. Then they would flower and pop out, great little show I thought. Then I slowly left from the flower wallpaper and went upstairs. My brothers room caught my attention, he has splattered (blue & red) paint all over one of his walls. The odd thing was is that there was nothing there. I stepped abit closer and all of a sudden all of the paint bled in, I was like whoa! Now that was a site, all of this blue and red paint started to bleed into the walls. One after the other the blue and red paint splatters bled in, it looked as if the wall was being cut hundreds of times...one right after the other! Pure insanity I thought, god I'm loving this. Then my friend Vail called and said he needed for me to come pick him up, I started to talk gibberish and then finally mustered out..."Ummm, I dunno if I can make it over there man.". I truly had to ponder this inhabiting question he gave me, into great depths I followed that question. He said , "You'll love it man, driving is cool while shrooming.". I thought again, "What if I crash?", "Why take that risk?". He decided I was entirely to out of it for me to drive and decided to drive over on his own. Not to long later he was at my house, I was starting my peak section of the trip as he came inside. We decided to go upstairs and watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while cleaning my weed stash. When I entered my room everything was moving constantly, never stopping. I looked at my floor, it would wave back in forth . I looked down at my hands and moved them from side to side. The amazing trails, the were definately a sight to see. I tried to talk, evil gibberish is all that came out. I was babbling gibberish until I finally caught myself talking in some unknown language. My friend said, "Jesus man, your fucked!". "Fucked?", what was the meaning of this?. Anyway, it seemed to be growing in intensity on me. It started to get really colorful, trails streaked across my path of view. I tried to record a song on my stereo, complete madness. I had no consentration, I've got to get ahold of myself I thought. Then thats when it all started to melt, my friends face, the floor, the ceiling. It was great, everything seem all animated, smeared, and melted. Well pretty much after that we went out driving and smoked acouple of bowls of weed. Came back, chilled...then the trip slowly wore off. It was a great time.

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