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sweet dreams

well lets see, it was my first time and my chucky had come over with the pre-powdered mush.

well lets see, it was my first time and my chucky had come over with the pre-powdered mush. I was excited but we had to get out of the house, in case we tripped bad. we had a milo with about 3/4 of a dose in it and then left. It was super windy outside and we had to find an enclosed space to smoke a bowl or two.THE PARK:we arrived at the park and smoked a bowl, but the wind was reakin havoc on our lightage and we decided on a change of location. before we left we both ate another 1/2 dose and then set off.THE SOCCAR FIELD:our initial plan had been to smoke in the public toilets at the soccar field but we were unfortunate to find that it had been inhabited by a family. God knows what they were doing in a soccar field at night???
a short walk around the field carefully inspecting every little crevice in the area, managed to lead us fortunately to a cubby house in the middle of a playground. climbing up into the cubby house my head started to feel murky and i noticed that sometimes chucky was talking to himself, and he had no real topic.we smoked another bowl, with a ratio of 2 parts mush and 1 part weed.after finishing it i got a major case of the dries and after an arguement we decided to walk up to the local shops, and i was a bitdissapointed, as i hadent noticed any affect except a slight blurryness in my head.THE TENNIS COURT: as we walked towards the shops we passed a tennis court i was looking at the court and when i turned around i was in a completely different area, a place about 10 k's from where i was standing. i looked at chucky who was fully spinnin out and then it stopped everything went back to normal. Is that it i asked myself?? not at all. I was only 10 minutes from the shops and chucky needed to piss so as he went off to find a suitable place to piss, i sat on the nature strip trying to count my money. then i started to spin out bad evrythhing was going weird, chucky came back from his piss and started talking to me, it felt like i was in a bubble and his head was floating around me. we decided it was to far to the shops and started walking back to the shroom patch. THE SHROOM PATCH: it was pitch black by the time we reached the shroom patch, chucky started looking around trying to find some more as i sat down overwhelmed by the power of the trip. i mean i had had little trips of weed but nothing like this.
we decided to go to maccas get some food and a drink.
While walking i ate a peanut butter sandwich but my mouth was so dry it tasted like cardboard so i turfed it out and kept walking. After 10 minutes, the dries took over and i bent down to have a drink from someones tap in there front yard. by doing this i saw a light came on (it was a sensor light i had crossed the beam) and out of the corner of my eye i saw chucky start to run, i thought he had seen someone saw i sprinted off. as it turns out he had tripped makeing it look like he was running and he ran coz i ran.
we decided that maccas was to far and went done to a local creek and sat on the ground.THE CREEK: chucky rolled us each a joint and we both had another smoke. there was a huge tnnel to our left and it was making everything we said echoed to the max! We were both freaking out so we decided that maccas via the rotunda was the way to go. We left the tunnel but the echoes still continued in my head. we jumped a fence and walked through the army baracks. everytime i looked at chucky i thought he was straight, and it just tripped me out even more. We jumped another fence and i had a really bad headspin on the top of the fence causing me to fall flat on my face. THE ROTUNDA:
on arrival chucky rolled to more mush joints and we puffed them down as quick as we could, this tripped us out bad we were both just sitting there trying to have a conversation but it was hard when every couple of minutes we would both forget the topic. it was like going in and out of deep day dreams, we were both trippen out bad. MACCAS:
maccas was full of cops so we decided the convenience store was the way to go, chucky had a roll and i had a slurpie.
we tripped all the way back to my house. the next thing i know i woke up this morning and chucky had gone. WAS IT ALL A DREAM?? it must have been, but why was there a bong in my room and my pockets full of tanbark?

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