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summer camp

it was the first day of summer, right after my sophomore year and i went to this place called summer camp.

it was the first day of summer, right after my sophomore year and i went to this place called summer camp. it is basically just a hippie fest where everyone shrooms and does every type of drug there is and listen to the greatest music ever. well me and my boyfriend bought sum bud and then bought a half once of shrooms. we split that and ate all of what we had. it took like and hour for me to start to feel it and when i did i totally lost it. at first i got really loopy and i was like telling everyone how i was tripping so hard to then later find out that wasn't even the beginning of it. what felt like a day, i started to really trip hard. i was laying down on a sleeping bag and listening to live MOE., and i was physically Laughton my ass off buy yet my eyes were crying and flooding tears everywhere and i couldn't see straight at all. i reached over and let my hand fall to the ground and when i did that it felt like the feeling you get when you fall but only in my arm and it seemed to stretch a mile long when i picked it up and in my head i heard the sound of a big sound like a horn. my hand finally touched ground and i sat it on a plant weed like thing and it consumed my hand. i got up to go to my car which was outside the camp grounds. it felt like everyone was pointing at me and talking about me, and i even thought they knew how fucked up i was and then i started to get really worried. i got to my car and had a experience trying to find every thing and it took forever. i started to munch on some snacks then i saw a group of people i noticed from breakfast earlier at the same restaurant i was at, the Grecian gardens in chilli. i started to talk to them and they had just got done tripping and they were telling me how funny i was being and that my makeup was all over my face(from the crying) then i realized i had left my boyfriend back on the ground for a long time.. i came back to him and he was pissed because he was freaking out with know one and i had left for so long. it was a fun journey for me. then my stomach started to get some intense pains. i started to think i was dying. i was freaking out. i started hating on my boyfriend and he started to get scared. here came the bad trip. i was yelling i needed to go to the hospital. we left summer fest because the music was fucking with us and then we both thought everyone was laughing at us for just laying there while everyone else was dancing around and standing. i got SO scared. we drove off and i thought i was seriously dying. i talked about how i hated this drug in my head, not out loud but somehow my BF answered my thoughts. it creeped us both out. i saw bears on the way home in the woods. i was just so sad and i hated myself. i was pissed i payed so much for such a terrible feeling. after my stomach got better i was having fun. we were just driving around and smoked some bud to have something to do. the only other sucky thing about the trip was the car we were in. it had tinted windows which were illegal in the state we were in and so happened to get caught that day while we were tripping. the cop had to have known something was up when my boyfriend didn't know what the registration was. luckily we just got a ticket and left. i went into hardees to get water and made friends with a sick dead spider. i usually hate spiders but this one talked to me and said it was said it got crunched by a little girl. finally it was time to go home andi went up stairs to go to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. my head was breathing and flexing in and out. it was scary i couldn't look at it. i couldn't sleep that night and figured out that i tripped for eight hours. the trip was enjoyable except for the stomach pains. but i will definitely do it again.

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