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First Time Tripper

It was a friday night, and my boyfriend is big into tripping, He had a bunch of mushroom chocolates that he was selling (they each had a bit more then an eighth in them) and he wanted me to split one with him.

It was a friday night, and my boyfriend is big into tripping, He had a bunch of mushroom chocolates that he was selling (they each had a bit more then an eighth in them) and he wanted me to split one with him. At around 10:30 he and i split one up and i ate a little less then half an eighth. After eating them we had to drive to go sell another chocolate, so we got into his car. It was proabably around 15 minutes later that i started to feel a little bit high. Everything just seemed mad weird, but it wasnt anything scary, it was just really chill. we sold the chocolate and drove back to my bf's house. I was starting to feel very giddy, but i wasnt seeing anyhthing, so i assumed i wasnt tripping. I went back and ate a few more bits of a chocolate. After sitting around a bit and waiting for it to kick in, i started to see little blips of bright green light. It didnt last long or anyhting so we dicided to go smoke a bowl. My bf had some opium and after smoking that, i started to feel my trip a bit more. It was weird because i expected to have this crazy ass psycedelic experience right away, but i wasnt getting very good visuals...just a few here and there. My bf handed me a vitamin C chewable pill thing, and after eating that we just sat around a bit more. My bf was alreading tripping and i was wondering why i wasnt seeing much. So i decided to go sleep over one of my friends houses, where my bf sold her a chocolate. i then split it up with her...and ate about another half track. This is when my trip started getting very interesting. I walked into her kitchen...thinking that i wasnt tripping...i was pretty wrong. I glanced over at her brother and idk how to describe this but it looked like he streched big and then small again...i ran laughing histerically into my friends room. I wanted more of the same kind of visuals so was shut of her lights...and i started to see all kind of geometric shapes..like nets..merging into one another. She had glow in the dark stars attached to her fan and as i was staring up at it spinning..it looked as though it were a pinwheel. The pinwheel then somehow turned in an eye and the ceiling "melted". It started moving strangly...and i had this weird ass soundtrack playing inside my head. When i closed my eyes i started seeing much more shapes...but the colors remained blue..black...white...and red. Then for some weird reason a crazy magazine cover floated across my mind..and i just remember thinking...what the hell does this mean?! But the magazine was forgottena and i pictured strange faces with kalidoscopes floating over them. My friend was trying to talk to me and turn on the lights...and i just kept getting so irritated..i felt like i had to ahve silence to think and figure this out...but i didnt know what i wanted to figure out so badly. I just said "shhh....im trying to trip here" i dont know how long after that but things got really hazy...and i think i dozed off...although im not sure...becuase all of a sudden i 'came to' abruptly and realized my friends cat was sleeping on top of me and i didnt even know it...also at first i didnt know what happened...it was 5 am and i felt so happy about my trip. I definatly want to get some more experience with mushrooms...and hopefully get alot better open eyed visuals...But alltogether it was an amazing trip...and i sugest to anyone to do it...i cant even see how that experice could scare anyone...but i guess everyones different

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