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Stunning realization



It's the only word that I feel can properly describe the events that took place in my life on Saturday the 29th of June, in a small community called Wahroonga, in Sydney Australia.

I had tripped once before. Being the inexperienced drug taker I was, after one hallucination, I thought this is as good as shrooms get, and I loved it. On that occasion I had taken 2 wet, medium sized Subaeroginosa's, and I was tripping balls. On this occasion I planned to take 5 dried out subs, but by the end of the night I had had 11. I am eternally greatful i'd had 11, as they enabled me to have one of the, if not the most uplifting experience of my life.

At around 8 30 PM, with the Rugby at half time, 4 of us each had a J of some real high quality skunk. The 4 of us were all slightly stoned when we began to eat the tiny shrooms at 9 30, our other two friends were totally clean, and just having mushrooms on this day.

After 15 or so minutes, I felt the first signs, my spine began to tingle, and I had an intense warmness eminating from my lower back, after 10 minutes, this eminated all around my body, covering every major point, and engulfing me in it's presence. It was here that the movie "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" began to freak one of my friends out, so it was decided that we would venture to the park just up the road. 2 of my friends played like children, 2 others were complaining the shrooms were having no effect, myself and the host were enjoying ourselves. After a good 10 minutes at the park, admiring nature, and waiting for more of the effects to come on, we ventured down to the childrens nursery 100 or so meters away.

This nursery has one of those giant tarpolens to protect children from the sun, with it divided it into 3 parts. We each climbed aboard and watched the stars melt into each other, and our bodys become one with the tarpolen. After 30 minutes there, we could not stand the cold anymore, and ventured to my mates place once again. There I began a drawing, my hand was guided by some invisible force, tot he hallucinating me, it was a thing of beauty, to the sober me...a mass of scribbled lines.

From here a friend of mine began having bad experiences, while listening to TOOL, he began to freak out, thinking people were tying to come into the house, thinking he was bleeding, and thinking he was going insane. We made him comfortable and kept an eye on him.

From here we ventured back to our park, where I began to freak out. I thought we were going to be bashed. I knew we were going to be bashed. I ran. I came back. I ran. I came back. I ran. We all ran. A red ute travelling at light speed almost hit us crossing the road. We ran.

We then moved to our hosts garage. The best thing about this garage though is my mates car, a Volkswagen Golf convertable. with the soft top down, myself and 2 friends, J, and T jumped into the back seat.

So began our journey.

We went places that didn't exist.

We shared thoughts.

When someone would think something, someone else would say what the other person was thinking.

We admired nature in all its glory, I was hallucinating fully at this point, Alex Greys paintings were what I was seeing. Vast grids formed around me, my light was a sacred chakra in my hand, and the tree in front of me was a circular pattern of all seeing eyes.

We stayed in this car for at least 4 hours, it was good to us, and we were good to it. We discussed death, I am now no longer afraid of dying.

We discussed Karma, I now beleive in it in all of its entirity. For us to be happy, the other people were happy, and vice versa. Everyone and everything we saw was connected. Everything made sense for the first time.

After 3 or so hours in the car, we went for a walk around Wahroonga. We crossed over the railway lines, thinking of our night just experienced, we were still tripping, just not as much so.

We lay down on the Tarps back at the nursery, we spoke of our experiences, we thought of the bonds we'd formed, and we admired and respected the mushrooms which allowed us to acheive what we had.

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