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stuck in a chair


THIS MUST BE A MAC THING, BUT THE TEXT IS ALL FUCKED UP. Well, anyways, I had tripped one week earlier, but at my friend Nate's graduation open house, we decided to fetch some shrooms at a college party not more than two blocks away. They were blue and the stems were huge. The trippers were myself, TG, Oaks, and Landon and the non-trippers were Scott and Adam. We made a stop and Landon's house to dose and take some C. I ate my share and 4 vitamin C pills and sat back as Landon turned on some scary sounding music and a strobe light. I started feeling nauseated and wanted to get the hell out of there. About 15 minutes after eating, I looked at the carpet as it started to twirl. I felt a bit panicky. We then left to go back to Nate's backyard where a tent was set up way in the back and a few lawn chairs were around some citronella candles. By this time my body high was so intense I felt like I was floating and i walked right on a clay candle holder. I felt distant from my friends who seemed to be having a good time.

I sat in a reclining type lawn chair stressing about what were becoming overwhelming body highs. I was extremely irritable, yelling at Landon for messing around with his lighter. Then I thought, "I bet if I puke, I'll feel better," so I went over by these bushes (Nates yard is surrounded by trees and bushes, and is quite large) and threw up, not feeling it at all due to the body high. I turned around to see Nate's older brother was there with his girlfriend, two people I didn't know and didn't really feel that comfortable tripping around, not to mention Adam and Scott, AND TG and Landon went back to Landon's house. I just grabbed a cup of water and went back to my seat and closed my eyes.....
When I opened them again I was tripping very hard. It was now dark, and I was plastered to this chair scared to open my eyes and scared to close them. TG then came back saying "Landon freaked out and told me to leave him alone at his house." This worried me. And I couldn't listen to the inane chit chat of the people in the circle of chairs, so i just sat as my leg shook. Everything around the circle was pitch black to me but peoples orange and green faces lit up by the candles. I looked over at Nate who was in a giggling fit and his arm melted into his face. This disturbed me, so I closed my eyes. I was in a quiet desert landscape, which was almost comforting until it crumbled like a stone wall into pure whiteness like in the Matrix. From this whiteness formed a vast black and white checkered pattern as far as the eye could see. The colors then started morphing into each other and creating a violent sea of white and black goop, almost looking like old creepy disney animation. I opened my eyes to see the stars in a viking purple sky almost shooting at me. Nate's brother had left and TG offered me a blanket. I accepted and drank some water and tried to chill out, still in my own world of isolation and fear. I thought for sure I was dying, but then started to ponder reality of physical life, which scared me even more. I begged for the higher power to give me another chance.

Then, it came. I had get up to piss, or piss my pants. I got up my courage and stood up and stumbled almost drunkenly toward the side of the house, looking down at the luminescent purple and yellow grass. While I pissed, I stared at a gardening hose beaming with some kind of energy. Everything looked like wierd computer animation or computer enhanced or through some kind of filtered film. Textures seemed to lose dimension. A yard gnome stared at me while I did my business, so I hurried and went back to my chair. I looked at the tent at the very back of the yard and it would go from being a mile away to right in front of me like a camera zooming in and out. I closed my eyes to see blood flowing in slow motion, then open my eyes to see letters on a cup flexing and deliberately trying to scare me. I looked up at Adam and he looked like a beety eyed gargoyle, stoicly sitting directly in front of me. This cycle went on for maybe a half hour more when I felt like getting up and laying in the grass, but Scott was playing with some tennis ball, and the idea that he could never fathom what I was feeling annoyed me, so I started talking with the gang which pulled me out of my insanity. It was then that I realized I had cigarettes! I smoked one and it just felt great. Still having great visuals with a little sanity was fun, and we talked around the circle for a while. I guess during my quiet time, I had completely lost track of time because four hours passed, but it seemed like an eternity.

When everyone started going home, TG and I remembered Landon had freaked out and we decided to walk to his house. This was the first time I stood up from the chair except for the pissbreak. My legs were pretty stiff at first.

The neighborhood looked like I had never been there before and it looked CLEAN (for inner city)! We got no answer at his door and at this point it was getting light out. We decided to walk down to the park which was a ghetto piece of filth usually but looked incredibly beautiful. Everything looked clean and natural. The grass and the trees looked fresh and crisp. We decided we had finished tripping and walked to my car. When we got in, it felt really wierd, like a video game to both of us. I started driving home when we saw two guys our same age driving the other way. TG said "they're probably headed home after a long night, just like us." We got to my house at like 6:30am and talked for like 3 hours. We just couldn't sleep. At about 10am, we went to sleep which concluded the night I was stuck in that bastard chair.

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