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Stuck at a Bad party

I have been eating acid and shrooms for a few years and feel like i am expeirienced, i have done both solo many times.

I have been eating acid and shrooms for a few years and feel like i am expeirienced, i have done both solo many times. I had been looking for shrooms all week because newyears was coming up,i am at my friends party smoking and then at 11:30 i get a call from my guy and pick up a 1/2 oz. When i get back to the party i sell 2 8th's then eat the rest over an hour period. The party gets bigger and bigger and more people i dont know, 200+ and the people i was with have suddenly dissapeard. The shrooms start to kick in and i do not like my setting. I see my girlfriend on the floor puking because she drank a bottle of vodka( she later went to hospital to get stomach her pumped), the sight sends sharp pains down my spine and i suddenly feel like i am on fire. i am now sitting outside on a tree alone and freaking the fuck out, my phone is dead i dont know where i am and none of my friends are picking up their phones. I ussualy can pull my self out of a bad trip rather quickly but this was a very very bad setting for me to be in and the thought of walking to my house which is 10 miles away crosses my mind. Its now 3;00 and the cops come, of coarse anything to make my night better, Me and some random people jump the fence and ofcoarse my pants get caugt on the fence and i have to cut the ends off with a knife and in the process slice my hand, so now im in the woods hiding out with my hand leaking out blood. I have never felt my body so energized in my life and i have never tripped as hard as when i was in the woods hiding out. I was controlled by absolute fear and instinct. Finally i start to walk to my friends house around 4:00 AM and i see my friends who left the party driving down the road and they give me a ride there and i finally could relax and the badness was all over. We smoked some pot and i tripped my ass off watching family guy, it was a fun night but taught me a lesson, dont go to parties with people u dont know when ur shrooming ur ass off!

North Spore
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