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Strong Trip

This was my fourth trip, after "Alladin".

This was my fourth trip, after "Alladin". I went dancing with some friends and spent the night at their new apartment. When I arrived there were quite a few people who were in various states of drunkenness and a few who were just starting to take off on their trips. I took about a sixteenth of an ounce but it was the strongest trip I've had. I realized I was in for a great ride early on. It started hitting me fast and heavy. My friend Jessie and I arrived at the same time and had the same dosage, so we spent most of the time together. The group was split pretty evenly between sober people and the rest of us, so every one was feeling safe.

Jessie and I started talking about what was happening, and I was kind of walking her through it. It was her first hard trip. She had dosed with me once before but it was only a slight stoned trip. As our bodies started to get going we sat around and talked with our friends about anything that was brought up. But the whole while the two of us were seperated from the group. We were in our own little world were we could watch every one and explore what was happening to us.

One of the Guys who was tripping had taken about three or four full shrooms. He was completely off in his own world, a sitting buddha, spouting beat poetry. Every once in a while someone would be talking and saying something like, "Keep quiet so we don't get in trouble." And he would suddenly say "What is ... trouble?.... Yo." At the same time being reflective and silly. Most of the night focused on him and his coming in and out of his own world.

As we rolled around on the floor joking and playing, we found some weird cards. Someone had brought a fantasy card game with awesome illustrations. While staring at them I first noticed that I was seeing things. The colors in the cards were bright and were even moving. I could see things moving in the forest background behind the knight. It was all really beautiful.

Afer that I started seing patterns on things. I would look at peoples faces and see their skin as a plaid pattern that was all one color. I know it doesn't make much sense now, but that's how it seemed.

A few of the sober people were staying up with the trippers. They started playing with us and making faces and things like that. It was really amazing they seemed like their faces were made of rubber or putty and they could mold themselves into anything they wanted. A couple times they got a little to scary, but when they did they were fast to back off.

A few times during the night we would look at the clock and swear that it had been the same time for the last few hours. But that's those moments of eternity I suppose.

At one point I decided to go to the bathroom, but had to wait for someone to get out. As I waited I decided to lay down and look at the ceiling. That's when I saw the bone men. There was a repeating pattern of green bone men with drums running across the ceiling. They reminded me of decorations for the day of the dead. Happy grinning skeletons. I then found out the reason the bathroom was being used for so long was because someone thought there were faces in the floor. I went inside and sure enough there they were. A pattern of faces covering the green tile.

Once I got back out to the main room I sat down with Jessie and we talked about the people at the party. One guy in particular, who is a great friend to us both. He was standing against the wall opposit us with a look on his face that reminded us of saints who had suffered for their beliefs. I mentioned how he looked angelic and suddenly I could see battered wings unfold behind him and a light of enlightenment came shining from around him. I called him over to me to tell him that I thought he was angelic, but when he heard this he made a face and suddenly I could see him with red horns looking like a mischievious gremlin. I told him that I was revoking his angel status.

The night tuned to morning and I slowly started to return to earth. The guy who had taken the most was still as far off as he had been when we arrived and everyone was a little concerned, but he was slowly coming down. He was acting really odd though. We later found out he thought he was in his imagination and that we didn't really exist outside his mind. I left the appartment and met up with my family to see the traveling exhibit of Egyptian aftrifacts at the museum. All in all it was a wonderful experience that I will remember for a long time to come. The people who were tripping all feel much closer to each other now.

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