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Stretching faces

STRETCHING FACES one sunny day during school, just recently after i vowed never to take those magic shrooms again, my mate and i decided to go and have a look for a fresh batch.

one sunny day during school, just recently after i vowed never to take those magic shrooms again, my mate and i decided to go and have a look for a fresh batch. I took him down to a spot that seemed to have an endless supply of pscilocybes and once again about 500 of the little buggers were growing in a huge patch. So after picking 5 bags of them, we headed back to my mates joint to start inspecting and drying them.
After a few days of drying we mullied them up and put them into vitamin capsules. Each capsule would have been equivalent to about half a dose.
that weekend four other mates of mine, adam, matt, dork and brian had arranged to get rather fucked up on the magicness of mush.

i headed up to adams place where the others were patiently waiting for me smoking bowls out of the quarter that was meant to be my reward for getting them the mushies. the train ride is about 2 hours to his place, so being rather bored as most would be, i decided to start on the mush. i had one capsule on the way up there and it did relatively nothing. i jumped off the first train and smoked a scoobie while waiting for the next train. the reefer succeeded in kicking the effect in a bit and by the time i got to my destination i was feeling pretty good.

i arrived at adams house only to find out that we were going to a party back in the suburb from which I had just came. This pissed me off slightly seeing I caught the train all that way for nothing. Oh well, I thought, and started ripping billies. Adam was eager to get into the mush, so I pulled out my little baggie o’ capsules and distributed them. We had four each to take throughout the night. I grabbed a bourbon and downed two straight away. Adam, Brian and Dork did the same and Matt only had one seeing he had to drive. By the time we decided to leave, (about 6:45pm) the effects of the mush were really starting to kick in. We prepared ourselves for the long drive by downing another one each.
On the drive over, the shrooms took over my whole body. I sat looking out the window at the road as it blurred past. I felt as though the car was sliding along a road made of ice. For some reason this made me feel very happy. I had a smile on my face for about half an hour for no apparent reason. No matter how hard I tried to frown I couldn’t get this insane smile off my face.
Slipknot was blaring on the car stereo and it sounded awesome… no words can describe how good the music sounded to my ears, it was so intense, so brutal, so skitzo.
All of a sudden, a warm feeling rose in my stomach, I thought here we go, nausea setting in. I had to get out of the car, I hated being cramped up in the back like that while I was tripping, I felt claustrophobic even though I never have before in my life. I managed to calm down a bit and looked at adams eyes. His pupils were huge!! Nearly his entire eye was covered in black with a bit of red around the edges. As I laughed at him explaining his eyes to him, the side of his face started to distort. Then as he turned his head, the skin on his face looked like it was being pulled or stretched of his skin by some invisible force. This freaked me out, and as dork looked over to see wat I was freaking out about, he smiled at me and looked pure evil. All of a sudden his whole face and scalp began to melt off his skull. This freaked me out pretty hard , but the next thing I realised we were at the party.

“Swoit” Matt said, “we’re here chuck us my shrooms.” I gave him his other three and he took em down with a bourbon. After another fifteen minutes, we finished all the tablets and decided to fuck off the party and go for a wander through the forest. We grabbed the billie and our weed and headed off.

(Lost track of time completely from here on)
The colours and visuals that I was having were amazing, I felt like I was in the best place in the world, there were animals all around me and they were my friends. I was trying to communicate with them apparently, saying sum really “fucked up shit”, according to brian.
We found a little ledge overlooking a cliff with the a great view and a full moon out. We decided this was the perfect spot to smoke more bowls and mix in sum mushie powder. I don’t remember a hell of a lot for the rest of the night, all I know is that I ended up back at adams house in front of the X box with dork nowhere to be found. We searched the whole house, and none of us could remember if he even came home with us at all the night before. Eventually we found him down the road in his boxers sleeping in someones front yard. Apparently he tripped out real bad and started freaking out and ran down the street chasing the gingerbread man who stole his socks…..????
It was a pretty sick night all up and I still have absolutely no clue how matt managed to drive…
Happy Shrooming from Down Under (Australia)

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